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This week, among e-mails received was this sobering one, followed by a perspective from the late Jim Valvano. v “I agree UK fans should be angry,” wrote Gerald Bone in Elizabethtown, “but we aren’t good losers either. Everyone (in Kentucky) is a coach. I’ve been disappointed before, only one team isn’t (disappointed in the end). But I’ll take 38-1 every year. As Adolph Rupp said after an NCAA heartbreaking loss, ‘the sun will still come up over the Commonwealth tomorrow.’ It did and so we have something to be thankful for.” v Valvano: “Three things everyone should do every day — laugh, think (spend some time in thought), and have your emotions move you to tears. If you laugh, think and cry, that’s a heck of a day.”


Another college basketball season in rearview mirror. Let us pause a moment and genuflect to college hoops’ real gold standard, at Storrs, Conn.

Gino Auriemma’s one-loss women’s basketball program hauled its 10th NCAA title banner into the rafters this month, one behind UCLA’s men’s 11 titles.

UConn is a genuine gold standard: recruiting, winning games, championships and graduation rate for four-year players who have labored for Auriemma, 100 percent.

“I don’t want just the best players, he says. “I want the best person to be in my program. I want my players to be well-rounded people when they leave, and it starts with getting a degree.”

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