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UK finding respect, prosperity



A couple of cowboys rode into Lexington last week. Call ’em Respect and Prosperity, new friendlies to University of Kentucky football. They haven’t seen around Commonwealth Stadium since it was a cow pasture next to the School of Agriculture.

It’s the third week in October and the hot topic this week is not what Billy Clyde had for breakfast or a rehash of Patrick Patterson’s first throw down. And thankfully, Dick Vitale’s schtick is not on the menu for another week.

Try these dizzying factoids.

– First BCS poll rolled out Sunday night, Kentucky is in the mix and nobody’s laughing. Especially around Baton Rouge.

– Kentucky is BCS-ranked seventh in America and suddenly there’s talk about New Year’s Day.

– Kentucky on prime time national television back-to-back, Florida this week. Last time this happened, was it before or after Adolph Rupp got a Cadillac and Bear Bryant a cigarette lighter?

– Wildcat football is the hottest Cinderella story this side of South Florida.

– Sign of new era? Fans swarming the field in Lexington is a problem.


– Kentucky football from 2005 season on back, a field goal try, this time by LSU’s Colt David, would have been inside the upright by inches.

– Coach intending to review penalty calls is the other guy.

– Kentucky fumbled three times. Lost none.

– Andre Woodson. When all the passes have been thrown, belt size is up a notch, knees are spent, and No. 3 hangs at Commonwealth, a run for governor.

– Kentucky is an ‘LSU performance’ against Florida away from being two “verys” in front of good team.

– CBS Sports is in love. (See internet blog shots at Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson working UK-LSU). They’ll be back this week.

– ESPN’s Lee Corso is in love, too. The sports network sets up its anchor desk outside Commonwealth this week.

Just wondering …

– Anybody get a body count on big ole boys wobbling and limping off the field after the blue-clad stampede? All were wearing LSU colors.

– All those who howled for Rich Brooks’s hide two years ago and now convinced he is coach of the year worthy, join me in raising your hands.

– By spring 2008 which will have been replayed more times, LSU’s Bluegrass Miracle in 2002 or Christian Laettner’s miracle shot in 1992?

Big Blue Madness Kentucky Basketball’s Big Blue Madness was what it was intended to be, good fun for whoever showed up at Rupp Arena in the middle of football season, 23,300-plus did. A gaudy introduction of and to Billy Clyde Gillispie, the show was aimed at a double handful of high school prospects.


– Team leader. Senior Ramel Bradley. Clearly, the chirpy playmaker has experience and savvy to accelerate blending newcomers. His role is vital once more – set tempo, recognize a good shot, and avoid tendency to be cute.

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