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Not enough Patterson



The John Wall craze has become, well, insane. Distorted too. At Vanderbilt last week, John Calipari’s team had nine assists, one by his point guard in 38 minutes. Patrick Patterson? 12 attempts. A dozen shots from the team’s All- American is courting disaster.

At game’s end, Wall’s lone spectacular play was enough to overshadow a mediocre, even selfish performance, and drive some media back to John Wall Ga-Ga Land.

Warning: At tournament time a dozen shots for Patterson while the point guy looks for Sportscenter play could spell two-and-out.

UK’s (too) much celebrated freshman has become a college quarterback who looks to the sidelines for a play, then audibles to whatever he wants, often a play for himself.

In the end, relentless defense and Vandy’s two-for-20 at the 3-point line saved Kentucky.

Favorite play of the game? Whining DeMarcus headed to the bench where John Calipari said, “sit down and shut up!”

Calipari … Perfect

Beyond media herd megaswoon and UK’s cash-in on John Wall, the most frequently heard remark lately has been: “Isn’t John Calipari perfect for Kentucky basketball?”

He is. Perfect as UK2K. Fits like Show after Joe B. and Denny.

A few reasons …

• Coach Cal learned blue collar talk-the-talk in Moon Township, Pennsylvania, blue collar population 22,000. Discovered lingo to serve him in parallel universe — Paintsville to Mt. Sterling, Corbin, Somerset on to Paducah.

• At UMass, was dubbed a Rick Pitino-wanna-be. He embraced the compliment and ignored the backhand.

• Talk-the-talk transition, blue collar to Blue Blood, no problem. How long before Cal can recite all 120 counties without even mispronouncing Garrard?

• Finally, Cal satisfies the insatiable appetite to win and projects panache enough to keep UK in the National Conversation and his availability anytime for Pardon The Interruption.


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