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Sports quiz

1. Grady Sizemore was the second Cleveland Indian to have at least 20 stolen bases and 20 home runs in three straight seasons (2005-07). Who was the first?

2. Name the last major-league pitcher to toss a complete-game no-hitter against a team that went on to win a league pennant in the same season.

3. When was the last time the Miami Dolphins played in the AFC Championship Game?

4. Name the player who holds Duke’s men’s basketball records for most 20- and 30-point games.

5. When was the last time the Boston Bruins won a playoff series?

6. Who was the last U.S. woman skier before Lindsey Vonn in 2008 to win the World Cup downhill title?

7. Name the last golfer before Trevor Immelman in 2008 to lead all four rounds at the Masters.


1. Joe Carter (1986-88).

2. Texas’ Nolan Ryan vs. Oakland, 1990.

3. It was the 1992 season.

4. J.J. Redick.

5. It was 1999, when the Bruins beat Carolina in six games.

6. Picabo Street in 1996. 7. Ray Floyd in 1976.

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