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Sports quiz

1. Name the last majorleaguer before Colorado’s Kazuo Matsui in 2007 to have a double, a triple and a home run in a postseason game.

2. In 1937, Detroit’s Rudy York set a major-league record for most home runs in August. How many did he hit?

3. How many consecutive games did the University of Houston football team lose to ranked opponents before stopping the streak in 2008?

4. Entering the 2008-09 season, name the only NBA team to not make a free throw in a regular season game.

6. Name the golfer with the most PGA tournament victories after turning 40 years old.


1. Lou Brock of the St. Louis Cardinals in 1968.

2. In 1937, York hit 18 of his 35 homers in August.

3. It was 18 games.

4. Toronto was 0-for-3 from the line in a game against Charl

5. Vijay Singh, with 22.

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