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Sports quiz

1. When was the last time before 2008 (Tim Lincecum) that a Giants pitcher led the major leagues in strikeouts for a season?

2. When the Milwaukee Brewers made the playoffs in 2008, it was the first time the team had done so since when?

3. Following the NFL’s realignment before the 2002 season to a four-division setup in each conference, how many consecutive years did an NFC South team make the NFC Championship Game?

4. Who was the first Temple University men’s basketball player to tally 600 points in three consecutive seasons?

5. Name the last team before the 2008-09 Pittsburgh Penguins to win the Stanley Cup after trailing in the championship series three games to two.

6. For the past 15 years, Stanford has won the Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup as the best overall college athletics program in the country. Name the only other school to win it.

7. Who was the first person to be awarded the green jacket for winning the Masters golf tournament?


1. Cy Seymour in 1898.

2. It was 1982, when the Brewers lost in the World Series.

3. From the 2002 through the 2006 seasons.

4. Dionte Christmas (2006-07 to 2008-09).

5. Tampa Bay in 2004.

6. North Carolina in the 1993- 94 season.

7. Sam Snead in 1949.

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