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Sports Quiz

1. Name the only team other than the New York Yankees in 1920 to hit more than Babe Ruth’s 54 home runs.

2. How many times did Rickey Henderson lead the American League in stolen bases for a season?

3. How many quarterbacks have won the Heisman Trophy at Ohio State?

4. When was the last time before the 2005-2006 Miami Heat that a team captured the NBA title but won fewer than 53 regular season games (not counting the 1998-99 strike-shortened season).

5. Only two NHL players have recorded 100-point seasons past the age of 36. Name them.

6. Who was the last back-toback winner of the Indy 500 race before Helio Castroneves in 2001-02?

7. Name the last men’s tennis player before Roger Federer to win the U.S. Open singles title four years in a row.


1. The Philadelphia Phillies hit 64 home runs that season.

2. He did it 12 times (1980- 86, 1988-91, 1998).

3. Two. Les Horvath split time between quarterback and halfback when he won it in 1944, and Troy Smith won it in 2006.

4. The Houston Rockets won 47 games in 1995.

5. Gordie Howe and Joe Sakic.

6. Al Unser in 1970-71. 7. Bill Tilden, 1920-25.

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