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Sports quiz: AL is how dominant?

1. When was the last time the American League lost in the All-Star Game?

2. Who was the last major-league player before Alex Rodriguez (2003, 2005) to win the MVP Award for two different teams?

3. Randall Cunningham holds the all-time NFLrecord for rushing yards by a quarterback – 4,928. Who is No. 2?

4. How old was John Wooden when he guided the UCLA men’s basketball team to its first national title in 1964?

5. In 2007, Pittsburgh’s Jordan Staal became the youngest NHL player in history to notch a hat trick (18 years, 153 days). Who had held the mark?

6. Name the three American women who won Olympic gold in the 100 meters between 1984 and 1996.

7. Has there ever been a decade (1930s, ’40s, etc.) in which there was not a repeat winner of the Masters golf tournament?


1. It was 1996.

2. Barry Bonds won it twice with Pittsburgh (1990, ’92) and five times with San Francisco (’93, 2001, ’02, ’03, ’04).

3. Steve Young, with 4,239 yards.

4. He was 53.

5. Jack Hamilton was 18 years, 185 days old when he did it in 1943 for Toronto.

6. Evelyn Ashford, Florence Griffith Joyner and Gail Devers (twice).

7. No.

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