Whitesburg KY

Spring break is over for visitors

We are off to another good start weather-wise.

Late happy birthday to Margie Raleigh on March 18. Hope you had a wonderful day. Happy birthday to Linda (Dollarhide) Sexton on March 20.

My granddaughter Michaela and her friend Codie Herbert went home on Sunday. Spring break is over. I never saw two girls that could laugh 10 minutes solid. They had lots of fun with Michaela’s cousin Emily McIntosh and playing and watching the boys playing basketball at Cowan Community Center, especially Christian Adams, Daniel Russell, and Keifer Boggs. They wish they had another week, but all good things come to an end!

Audrey and Charles Hammonds were in last week and stopped by and had coffee.

Stacy, Rick, and Addie Sue Dobson are back home from Indiana. Little Addie Sue was glad to be home because she missed her preschool. She just turned two on the 17th and she is the sweetest little thing. Big Cowan

Mary Ann Maggard had a partial hip replacement at Hazard Appalachian Regional Hospital. She is still in rehab. She had to get a half pint of blood, but is doing pretty well.

Irene Day gave everyone a scare on Friday. Her sugar bottomed out during the night and she was unresponsive. She went to the emergency room by ambulance, but she came back home. She has also had the flu and hasn’t eaten very well. She is doing some better and Eugene is doing better. He is not on his oxygen as much as he was.

Eugene’s brother Benton Day is in really bad health with his cancer. Keep all of them and their families in your prayers. Benton’s son Jimmy died recently so it has to be rough on their family.

My cousin Bill Maggard is in the hospital at Columbus, Ind. He has an infection in his colon and a huge kidney stone. Keep him, Agnes and Anna in your prayers.

So many people are sick and need our prayers.

Ruby Lewis stopped by the other day and talked a little bit. Always good to see her.

Prayers go out to this lady I just met. She has gout in her legs and needs our prayers. I can’t remember her name, but God does. Hope you get well soon.

Melinda ‘Kay-Kay’ Daniels’s uncle died in Knott County on Saturday evening. His name was Russell Hall. Remember the family in your prayers.

Let’s still remember the Pack family, the Dauphus Day family, and all the other families that have lost their loved ones recently. The pain gets easier with time. When you feel like you can’t take anymore and your heart is broken in two, God stretches out His hand and makes a way where there seems no way.

Did everyone see the “super moon” on Saturday night? It was the closest it had been to Earth in 18 years. My husband took a few pics of it.

Deandre Terrell Jefferson III will be one year old on March 26. He is the great-grandson of Archie and Margaret Fields of Cowan and Lucille Collins of Greensburg, Ind., grandson of Pam Fields Creech of Arkansas, (her daughter Erica is the mother and lives in California), and he is my great- great- nephew. We love you, little man, even though we haven’t met you. Have a fun day.

Well, gotta go. Will try to write more next week. Have a good week.

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