Whitesburg KY

Spring brings changes

My favorite time of the year is almost here, ‘almost,’ and that is springtime.

After a long, cold winter it is simply wonderful to see the changes that take place all around us when the Lord sees fit to make those changes, and especially in nature. We can see all the newborn critters of the wild, all the pretty flowers, the trees getting their new coat of all different colors of green.

But also, people spend a lot of money to get their lawns to grow real pretty and green just so they can gripe and sweat every time they have to get the lawn mower out and do the mowing. They also usually set out or plant more shrubs and flowers, which they will also have to mow around all summer.

Mankind is not too smart sometimes, and to beat it all, they do all this for other people to look upon. Mankind is never satisfied, no matter what. I would venture to say that if they lived off the beaten path of sightseeing ones, a lot less energy would be expended.

My father never would fool with flowers because he always said he never had eaten a good mess of flowers. I am about like him and would rather plant something that will give me something in exchange for my time and effort.

I never raised produce to sell, so I only raised what my family would eat. But I believed in sharing, too. And other people shared with me also. There isn’t very much in the way of sharing going on in this day and age, but as always there is plenty of stealing going on.

The Good Book says, ‘Thou shall not steal,’ and I think it is our duty to take heed and to use available means to see that others take heed too. Since drugs have become such a problem in our society thefts and crime in general have skyrocketed.

I for one feel that any crime where illegal drugs are connected should be rated as a felony, and that includes dealing in them (selling). Making meth is like playing Russian roulette. Will it explode prematurely, or will they get to kill someone with the finished product?

And that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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