Whitesburg KY

Spring brings longing for the mountains

Southern Ohio

Hello again everyone! How was your Easter? Was the Easter Bunny good to you? Most importantly, I hope everyone who is old enough realizes the reason why we celebrate Easter.

I went to church and afterward I fixed Easter dinner. I asked my son, Keith Ballard, if he wanted to go out to eat or if he wanted me to fix ham and potato salad. Remind me never to make that remark again. He said that sounded good.

I fixed ham, potato salad, baked beans, deviled eggs, macaroni and cheese, hot rolls and for dessert I made a banana pudding with chocolate filling as I didn’t have banana nor vanilla pudding.

My daughter, Angie, was sick, so I took a carry-out or carry-in dinner to her and my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold. I always cook extra just in case anyone stops by.

It was a crazy day as it seemed everyone had plans and no one could make up their mind what they were doing, where they were going nor who was going to be there. I said heck with it, I would cook and whoever wanted to come to eat could, and anyone didn’t show up would miss out on a good home-cooked meal.

I had to almost tie my feet to the ground as they started wanting to head for the mountains. I can visualize the redbud trees along the highway and I wonder if the dogwoods are in bloom yet. Along the road close to the housing project is always so beautiful there on the outskirts of Whitesburg.

There’s only one other place that is so dear to my heart. On a country road out of Livingston is one of the most gorgeous sights that your eyes can ever behold. The mountains aren’t as high as eastern part of Kentucky, however as you look at the dogwoods, both white and pink, it’s as if you could walk on the very tops of the dogwood trees.

I always enjoy going to Livingston as that part of the world hasn’t been discovered by a lot of modernization. There are a few mansion homes, the most part are still modest homes. You have to go to London or Mount Vernon to find a Wal- Mart.

Keith brought me a set of solar lights to put along the fence in front of the house. I couldn’t hardly wait until it got dark so I could see them, then when it got dark I forgot to look out. I am like a child at Christmas time looking out each night to see these small lights.

My daughter, Kay Gray, gave me two real pretty plants for the yard. If it will quit freezing I can get them in the ground.

Thanks so much for the gifts, and a special thanks to Sadie Hayes from Michigan and Clarence and Arlyn Halcomb and my kids for the beautiful Easter cards.

Shirley Wells and her son, Buddy, decided to go out to eat at Shoney’s instead of cooking. I think she made a wise decision.

My friend, Vickie Powers, and I went to a dance,. After two hours I was ready to come home. It was a country and rock and roll band with a lot of line dancing so I was ready to rock and roll home.

I fell and skinned my kneecaps, and as if that wasn’t enough, I was down cleaning in the bathroom, trying not to touch my right knee on the floor. When it hit a certain spot, I jumped real quick, and when I did I hit my face into the door frame and almost got a black eye. So you might say I really wasn’t in the best of shape to be dancing.

My sympathy goes out to the family in the sudden death of Renevae Calihan. Her grandson had also died recently. Renevae was married at one time to Jr. Calihan of Paces Branch.

Gwen Huff Farmer is having her son John, Sonya, and Grant for the weekend. Gwen always enjoys it when any of her family come to see her.

Belated happy birthday to Glen Farmer Jr. April 5. Happy birthday to John Farmer April 28, and happy birthday to Gwen’s brother, Rodney Huff, on April 21.

Belated happy birthday to Helen Caudill April 16, from her cousin Shirley Wells.

While I was helping Keith with his truck, Keith was underneath cussing, and Bennie was in the seat next to me fussing. I wanted to leave so no one knew where I was. Willa Mae Boggs, you had your laugh.

I’ll bet Willa Mae is enjoying her visit with her sister. I believe she said she lived someplace close to Gary, Ind.

Keith called me to tell me that he bought new blades for the riding lawn mower plus a blade for his push mower and that Vickie needs him to work on her mower. I wonder if he gets tired of us needing him.

Music will be starting again at Treadway’s Barn in Bath, Ind., Sunday afternoons at 1 p.m., so I guess I will be seeing Coolie Jr. and Pat Calihan. They really have a neat place to go listen to music.

Hello to my brother, Richie, and Wanda Hall. I bet they have been getting dryland fish!

Hello to my brother, Jerry, and Mattie Hall, and to my brother, Wallace Lee, and Georgia Hall, who are patients at Letcher Manor Nursing Home.

Hello, Emma Engle, I wish I was in the mountains. I would take some pictures to send you again! I hope you and Red are doing all right. I sure enjoy your column along with all the others who write for The Mountain Eagle.

Bob Akemon asked me if I knew Goldie Cornett from Big Branch. I am sorry I don’t know her.

Alberta Bailey finally caught me home. It was good talking to her.

Well, I had better get this on its way and get to bed. Once again it is a busy day for me tomorrow.

Until next time: Rose Ballard Durham, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com. (513) 367-4682.

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