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Spring brings new beginning


What a beautiful time I am thinking about today. A new beginning of another time and place. The day that the Savior arose from His tomb and gave the world hope of a new day, a new beginning, and new remembrance.

Also, I look around me and everything is beginning to take on a new beginning. The redbuds, the dogwoods, the budding of the apple trees, the maples, and the roses are coming back to life to be blooming before too long.

The wildflowers on the hillsides and meadows are blooming. The sarvice trees are blooming in the mountains and birds singing and flying around to find a good meeting place so they can bring new life to show the world.

I saw my first butterfly yesterday, getting nectar from my creeping phlox that are blooming. Hummingbirds came to find food, and I saw a yellow bird in a bush. It was beautiful.

Easter is a time to remember that our Savior arose and how wonderful to remember, because all the old had passed and a new time was for the world to begin anew. He shed His precious blood in order for the ones who believe that it was so could become new beings on this Earth, and be new.

“Oh! Precious is the flow that washes white as snow. Nothing but the blood of Jesus.”

I am so thankful for His love for His people, that He gave His life for us. But I wonder, are we worthy of that great sacrifice?? We would have to be pure and as white as the snow that falls from the skies in the winter like the ones we have had this winter to be worthy to hold His nail-scarred hands.

Remember that we are alone in this world without Him, and that He was alone the night he went to pray. His disciples went to sleep and left Him there by Himself. Hold on to His hand as you walk through this world, and remember that He loved us that much.

The Kingdom Come Community Center on Linefork will be having a big evening Saturday, April 19, with a big Easter egg hunt for the children, a big dinner and an evening of beautiful, religious singing in honor of our Savior.

We are hoping that all mothers and dads will bring their children out and join us. It is going to be a good evening beginning at 4 p.m. There will be prizes and the silver eggs. So be ready to hunt these special eggs. There will be a cakewalk and other surprises, too.

Remember Saturday, April 19, at KCHS grounds at 4 p.m., all Christian singers are welcome to come out and join us in a good evening for our Easter gettogether.

We are sad that we have lost so many good friends in the last few weeks, Everett Carrol Shepherd, Kathleen Cornett Miller, Bob Manuel of Tri City Funeral Home, and so many others.

We grieve and pray that all the families will be comforted and let the Lord Jesus be your Comforter.

Our center is planning a lot of new projects this year, art lessons with Marlene Cornett as instructor, quilting, crocheting, cake decorating lessons, and maybe some music lessons. We look forward to our Chestnut Festival this year, and other things. The past winter was too rough to do much. Our heating system isn’t good, and it needs worked on.

We got a gift of some real nice chairs for the music room. I haven’t found out yet who did such a great thing for us. It is greatly appreciated.

Larry Jones was in the hospital for three days with back problems.

We had a great group of singers and musicians recently. They had a sweet young girl who entertained us with her beautiful songs and dancing. She was great.

I have to go, but I’ll write again later with the news from Linefork.

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