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Spring cleaning? Don’t forget your mailbox

It’s time for spring cleaning — sweeping and vacuuming, moving your warmweather clothes to the front of the closet and chest of drawers, checking the outside of the house to see if it needs repairs, painting, or general sprucing up.

While you’re spring cleaning the house, don’t forget to check on your mailbox. Neat, attractive, well-maintained mailboxes contribute to the overall appearance of the community and to the security of your mail. After all, your letters deserve a clean, safe place to stay, too.

Here are some helpful housekeeping tips for your mailbox:

• If your mailbox is mounted on a pole or post, check its stability and make sure it is properly anchored.

• Your mailbox identifies your address, not only for the letter carrier but for the police, the fire department, emergency workers, other service providers and visitors to your home. We recommend that you put your address on both sides of the mailbox, and that the numerals and letters be at least one inch tall.

• Check the door and its hinges. Make sure it closes properly to keep your mail in and the wind and rain out.

• Do you see any sharp edges or nails sticking out? Protect your hands and those of your letter carrier by filing off dangerous points. Also sand and repaint or replace your mailbox if it’s rusty — you don’t want to have to get a tetanus shot, and neither does your letter carrier.

The Postal Service requires “USPS Approved” curbside mailboxes whenever a mailbox is newly installed or replaced. You can find them at most hardware stores. You may use a customer built curbside box if the postmaster gives prior approval and if the mailbox generally conforms to the same specifications as approved manufactured mailboxes. Contact your local post office before erecting a custom-built mailbox!

If you have questions or want more information about mailboxes, call 800- ASK-USPS (800-275-8777), go online to www.usps.com, or come see us at the post office.

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