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Spring comes with snow still on the ground in Ohio

Northeast Ohio

I’m writing this week’s column with a heavy heart. A young nephew died on March 17 from the dreaded big C. Samuel Kirk Sanders was born in Letcher County on January 27, 1960 to the late Bruce and Ethel Sergent Sanders, making him 48 years old. He leaves behind his brokenhearted wife, Cathy; four brothers, Timothy Bruce, Wendell Phillip, Steven Mark and his twin Thomas Kent; two sisters, Ethel Michelle Segovie and Marcia Elizabeth Hall; several nieces and nephews, lots of aunts, uncles and cousins and many, many friends. Kirk moved to California several years ago and the last time I saw him was in 2001 when he came to Letcher County for the funeral of our mom, his mamaw. Such a handsome family, Ethel would have been so proud of each one of her children.

Kirk, I hope your journey was an easy one and I wish for you a most peaceful everlasting sleep as you join those who have gone before, your parents, both sets of grandparents, some cousins and friends I’m sure. We will never forget you and will always think of you with love. Good-bye for now.

I also got bad news about a sweet special lady, Geneva Lucas Profitt. She is the widow of a cousin, the late Donald Profitt, and I love her dearly. She had surgery in a Lexington hospital and they found a tumor on her brain (cancer). Please send up a little prayer for both these families. Geneva has always been an expert quiltmaker, she has so many beautiful quilts and I’m sure all members of her family own one or two and maybe more.

I talked to Georgia. Rick and Joyce left for Florida around 5:00 for spring vacation. They had a carload of young’uns, Rick’s four, Lauren, Jordan and twins Brandon and Bailee, they also had Debbie’s two, Cassie and Ben and Billy’s daughter Kristin. Sure glad Ben went along else Brandon would have been the only boy. Hope they have a safe trip, good weather and a great time.

Hello to Rose (Southern Ohio news). I just want to thank you for the call. It came just when I needed to talk and you did make me laugh. I won’t ever forget you for this. Hoping to see you in Letcher County Memorial weekend. Love ya!

To Relon Hampton: I always read your articles and enjoy them, but the last one made me feel sad. I don’t know where you live or what Hamptons you are related to but my great-grandparents on Mom’s side of the family were Hamptons. My Grandma Taylor was Nellie Hampton and her dad was Nelson Hampton. I don’t remember Great-grandma’s name offhand, but I do have a picture of them around somewhere. Mom’s dad was John Taylor. Wishing you the best and hoping you are having a good day.

What do all you who write for The Mountain Eagle think about us getting together sometime someplace for lunch and a gabfest or getting acquainted party? How many live far away? We do, and now that we are in our 80s the trips seem to be getting a little longer and a bit harder. We do try to make it down each Memorial weekend for the Engle family picnic. Would like to read what you think about this in your columns and I do read every one. Not much in The Eagle I don’t read. I may skip the political page, most of that is in our paper

March 20 was the first day of spring. Sure hope you had a warm day. We had lots of sunshine but a cold wind blowing and some snow still on the ground.

By the time this is printed Easter will be over, and how was your day? Hope the little ones got their Easter baskets and got to have an egg hunt. Our greatgranddaughter, Lydia, won an Easter basket from Wal-Mart. She was one proud and pleased little girl.

This from Melissa Taylor in Murray: “What life brings. You never know if tomorrow will ever come to you or your loves ones. Life brings so many changes in all of our lives, no one knows what the future holds. We lose touch with the ones that we hold dear to our hearts, not knowing that one day that special person will be gone from us. We get so wrapped up in our own lives that we overlook the simple things in life-an e-mail, a phone call or just a note letting those special ones know we are thinking about them and love them. I have missed a number of years with my entire family. I came back in time to spend the last few months with my mom. What I wouldn’t do to have more time with her and all the special ones in my life. Let’s not let another day go by without letting all those special know what they truly mean to us.

“To the Sanders family: We are truly sorry for the loss of your brother, Kirk. our prayers are with you all. He will surely be missed by all of us. Love, Missy.”

Melissa is the youngest daughter of brother Henry Warren and the late Wanda Faye Day Sergent and first cousin to the Sanders children.

I just talked to Valerie. She has a good case of flu. What’s good about the flu? All it does is make one feel miserable and wish you could run away from it.

How many of you have planted your peas? Round here it’s usually May before we can even think about gardening.

Know what is looming on the horizon? Tax time. That’s something we don’t have to worry about, we’ens air jist too pore to file but thet don keep us frum hevin ter pay on the things we buy. Fer instance how bout this. Tax his cow, tax his goat, tax his pants, tax his coat, tax his crops, tax his work, tax his tie, tax his shirt, tax his chew, tax his smoke, teach him taxes are no joke. Tax his oil, tax his gas, tax his notes, tax his cash, tax him good and let him know after taxes he has no dough. If he hollers tax him more, tax him till he’s good and sore. Tax his coffin, tax his grave, tax the sod in which he lays. Put these words upon his tomb – taxes drove me to my doom. And after he gone he can’t relax, they’ll still be after inheritance tax. Now ain’t that a caution?

I got a packet from a special friend and had to take time out to read the contents. I finally had to stop and cook supper but still plan to read everything over just in case I missed something. We get our mail in later afternoon. Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear friend. I will be writing you real soon.

Jeanie called . She had a terrible cold at that time, and I’m hoping she is back to normal now. A cold can sure ‘nough make one feel really miserable.

Red’s bug finally moved out, but now he has an aching back. He thinks he can still lift things like he did in younger days. I’ve been threatening to use a paddle to give him an ache that would make him forget the back.

If anyone has sent me and email which I haven’t answered it’s because I don’t get them as soon as I used to. When Catharine owned the store she was boss and could take time out whenever. She used to come up and have lunch with us, but now that she has a job she can’t do that any more.

Red talked to all three of his sisters. All seem to be doing well. Jean had been for therapy and Nina was visiting her.

My deepest sympathy to the family of Ellen (Rose) Holbrook in Camden, Ohio, who died February 12. She was born at Kona December 11, 1915 to Melvin and Mary (Sanders) Rose. She was a member of the Little Family Old Regular Baptist Church for 50 years. I sent her a birthday card on her last birthday and had an Easter card to send her. It is so very, very hard to lose a loved one and a mother and father are so very special, but the worst is losing a child.

ground in Ohio

Billy Wayne came by to pick up some clothes I had checked for him. He said business is picking up. He is getting new customers all the time. Once construction starts this spring I’m sure he will be really busy. Hope so, anyway.

Hello to Bobby Joe and Madonna Pass. Hope both are well and the program is going well. I’m sure it is, I really think you have a winner there. I’m only sorry we can’t listen to it. I’m sure it would be a blessing to any and all who hear it. Bless you both, love and prayers from the two of us. Maybe someday we will meet face to face. That’s my wish.

Have a good week, love and prayers.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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