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Spring fever brings longing to visit mountains

Northeast Ohio

Howdy y’all. I trust each and every one had a good week and is well and having better weather than here. We’ve had rain and more rain with thunder and lightning. Temperatures have been up a smidgen, but today was really windy with low temps. We did have some local flooding.

Red is sitting here trying to keep his hand in an upright position. He had a cancer removed from his left hand today and is now in pretty much pain. The procedure was done by our family doctor at his office, not the first one by far. He has removed several.

Jennifer is beginning to sort of get her new home in order. We bought a set of bunkbeds for the boys. She has four and could really use two sets but we had to settle for the one.

I had an appointment this morning and was so cold by the time I got home it took me an hour or so to thaw out. Looking out, a person could almost think it was springtime. The sun is shining beautifully.

I’ve been hankering to see the mountains. I’m thinking I done come down with an early case of spring fever. Maybe if it stays warm or gets warmer we can go and visit for two or three days. Of course there is always a chance of a drop in the temperature or a snow- fall, a chance I would be willing to take.

Bill and Redia came by bringing me another load of shirts to work on. It really doesn’t take me all that long. I’ve had lots of practice.

The only ones of my family I have talked to this week are Richard and Georgia. So far all their family is doing very well. Like everyone else they are longing and waiting for some warm, sunshiny weather.

Red’s hand is still paining pretty much. Right now he is lying on the couch. When he gets up we will have to change the bandage on his hand. He has had several places removed from his face and arms but this one seems to be giving him the most trouble.

I’ve been hearing about several who have started gardening already. We have to wait till late May or June to plant anything up here. I don’t know if we’ll even have a garden this year. It’s just too hard. But we sure do like our fresh green beans and tomatoes. We may just put a few tomato plants in pots and set them on the patio. There’s nothing as good as picking a warm ripe ‘mater, putting a little salt on it or not, and eating it like an apple. I just might try plum grannies again this year. Not too much work to raising them.

I’ve finally gotten back to working on my quilts the way I should have been doing since January. I just wasn’t up to quilting or doing much of anything, then I seemed to lose interest in doing anything, only did what had to be done. I;m still having trouble getting letters written.

We didn’t get to Pleasant View Church last Sunday but are hoping to go to Little Pilgrim Home this weekend. Seems when you miss going to church days just run together so one hardly knows what day it is.

Red has talked to his sister, Jean, and brother, Charles. The day Charles called he said it was 80 degrees in Letcher County. That’s my kind of weather. I talked to Jean a few minutes, she was calling from her daughter, Teri’s, in Pound, Va. Teri’s two daughters were there, Heather, her husband and small son from West Virginia, and Vanessa, her husband and baby son (born Sept. 25) from New York.

It is so special when families can be together. Nowadays it seems most families are scattered thither and yon. I know how hard it is to all be together. In 2008, the eight of us who are still living were all here for the Engle- Sergent picnic, our first time since Mom died in 2001. I just hope and pray all will be well enough and can be together again this year.

I took time out to put soup beans on to soak, which means my menu for tomorrow is soup beans, mustard greens, fried potatoes and of course cornbread. While up, I fixed us each a hot dog and made a few French fries, fresh. Don’t think I’ve ever bought frozen fries.

Red’s niece, Carleta Adams just called and we both talked to her. She is so good to call and keeps us up on how her family is getting along. One of her brothers, Troy Lynn, from Pennsylvania, had been in for a visit. He recently retired and seems to be enjoying his new freedom. Carleta said everything was covered in white. She said it started about four o’clock and was really coming down. Hope we don’t get any, I’ve really done had enough.

‘Bout time to say so long for now. I do hope everyone has a wonderful week. Stay well and be happy. Love and prayers.

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