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Spring has arrived in Bardstown

Spring has finally arrived in Bardstown! Valentine’s Day weekend we had 18 inches of snow and two weeks later another 22 inches was dumped on our town. It was cold and seemed to last for such a long time.

Luckily, we had closed on our house the first week of February and had gotten moved into our new home two days before the first round of wintry weather hit.

It seemed that spring would have a slow start, however we’re much warmer now in the 70s most days and upper 80s earlier this week. The pollen count is keeping everyone feeling a bit rough now.

A lot has happened since my last writing and I do apologize. My mother-inlaw lost her battle with cancer on December 19.

The kids have had tons of activities going on at school and extracurricular activities. The kids are relieved that the end of the school year is almost here.

The girls have changed schools after the move as we are just barely past city limits.

I hope all the moms out there had a pleasant Mother’s Day. I was able to spend it with the kids and Howie took me fishing earlier that morning before the kids came home from their dad’s house.

Bardstown has begun scheduling bands for this year’s “Concert in the Park Series” and the headlining band has yet to be announced.

A motion was brought to city council to allow alcohol to be carried around the grounds of the Bourbon Festival, instead of being restricted to the small 15- foot by 18-foot beer garden where beer and bourbon are sold.

All years in the past, people have been confined inside the gate of the beer garden, and this year they could possibly be able to walk around the booths, concert on the lawn area and the food carts/trucks while still sipping their ale.

Sunday morning, a man stole a red pickup truck from Franklin’s Auto. He broke into the dealership and took the keys. The police saw him driving recklessly and pursued him, which in turn resulted in the man ramming two police cruisers and pinning one officer who had gotten out of his car to approach the criminal.

The police chief and another officer assisted and the man rammed at them too. He eventually ended up trying to disarm an officer so the officer shot him and he was airlifted to the UofL Hospital. He was later identified as 25-year-old John Fenwick.

A few quick storms rolled through on Monday, with barely enough to water my garden and then a few sprinkles overnight.

Several counties had tornado warnings or thunderstorm warnings throughout Monday night and Tuesday morning. The breezy winds didn’t deter any of our more mature neighbors from walking their dogs, which is a very common sight in this area.


We’ve met several people who have been out walking their Chihuahuas or terriers.

On a sad note, a regular fixture at almost anywhere that karaoke was being held, Mr. Marshall “Marty” Simpson Jr., also known as “Cowboy Marty”, age 70, died after an eight-year battle with cancer on May 9.

His mother and his daughter were by his side and he passed peacefully at home surrounded by his family. He was dear friend of ours and one of the most trusting, most generous people you could ever met.

Services were held on May 12 and the funeral May 13. It was requested that instead of flowers, donations be made for First Christian Church building loan or to the American Cancer Society.

Prayer requests this week are Nikki Moreno and her grandson and his parents, as Kosair’s can’t determine what is causing some pretty serious symptoms for this little guy; Gladys Simpson; Bobby Simpson; the Wimpsett family; Barry Adams; Rebecca Smith; Donna Walker; Jerrica Rayburn; June Clark;, Kathy Beavers; Sgt. Larry Downs (formerly of Whitesburg); John Rayburn; Chester and Verna Rayburn; all of our church leaders and all of our military both at home and abroad.

Looks like that is all the news for this week. I will do my best to write more often.

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