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Mostly clear

Spring has arrived in Ohio Valley

Southern Ohio

Happy spring everyone! Spring has really arrived in this little corner of the Ohio Valley area. With the exception of several cold frosty mornings, it is a wonderful time and so welcome.

As I look at the yard, the grass is really getting green. It won’t be a week or two that my son Keith Ballard will be mowing. I think he mows when the first blades of grass appears, then mows until it snows.

Sunday started off with a very cold morning, along with me having woken up with stomach issues at two o’clock.

I had plans for the day, as if I don’t know better than to plan ahead.

As usual my house looked like a Goodwill store that had marked down sales. Since I was having company, I wanted to get the house in somewhat order. I finally did get most everything done with lots of determination.

Saturday, Keith had mentioned he would like to have a cookout as he wanted to invite a friend. Now we never have anything elaborate. Keith especially likes green peppers and onions, along with an egg mixed with the ground chuck, which takes time to dice the onions and peppers, then mix the meatloaf. I decided to make potato salad and deviled eggs as Keith hadn’t really said what he wanted.

Early Sunday when Keith walked in the kitchen, he asked me if it was too much trouble for me to make potato salad. I started laughing and raised the lid on a pot on the stove where potatoes were boiling when Keith came home.

Keith said he had tried to call me and even sent a text. I replied that I hadn’t heard the phone as I had been doing laundry, and running the vacuum cleaner.

Finally I checked the phone and discovered I had turned the volume down Saturday evening and, as usual, had forgotten to turn it up. e

Th food must have been good as no one complained. Keith started the grill. He usually does the cooking outside and does the grilling. As he was busy in the garage and the sun felt so good, I decided to grill, hamburgers, brats and some special kind of meat that Keith wanted to try.

My friend Daphne came early, bringing me a dozen fresh eggs, so she helped me carry things outside. Just as I was taking food off the grill, Keith’s friend came, bringing me a beautiful plant that will be planted in a day or so.

Again I will say it was really great to be able to enjoy company, although it was more like family. I had a yogurt, while the others enjoyed plenty of food.

Saturday evening once again I had the pleasure of visiting with Johnny and Ann Calihan, to give the family a break. I really don’t think the family realizes how much I enjoy the time I spend with Johnny and Ann. There’s so much that I can relate to with Ann that my children or anyone don’t have the slightest idea what I am talking about.

Phyliss Caudill, I finally got enough sense to ask about Harlan Hollins, son Arwood Hollins. I’m sorry to say that Arwood passed away some time ago. I recall Mommy talking about him and the others. The only ones I ever knew were Canvy, Leona Hollins Gibson, and Raymond Hollins ,who moved to Manchester, Ind., when he was young.

Sometime in Canvy’s later years his children brought him to Ohio, where he spent the rest of his life.

I met his son Walter and his wife and daughter Carla last September. Until then I knew nothing of the family.

As I think back through the years, growing up at Roxana, I really didn’t know Mommy’s side of the family very much. Her brother, Fred Adams, left home to come to Lawrenceburg, Ind., then Mommy’s sister Nora, and during the process her dad, Ben Adams, whom we called Poppy, all settled in the Lawrenceburg area.

During my childhood, it was seldom that her family came back to Roxana, and visits were far and few between. To be honest, I felt they thought they were too good for Mommy and us.

After I left the mountains, married and had my own family, settling in Harrison, Ohio not far from Lawrenceburg, I did go visit Poppy a few times. The same with Mommy’s brother Fred and his family, and Mommy’s sister Nora and her family. A very few times, and they never came to visit us.

We were always treated well, still I was uncomfortable as their homes were so much nicer than what we lived in.

We would go to Raymond and Marie Hollins and they had one of the most beautiful homes that you would want to see. Not once did I ever feel uncomfortable. There was something about Raymond that was so special. He was like that all his life.

As memories take me back in time, I am so grateful to God for giving me the courage to stand on my own two feet at such an early age, the determination and common sense to accomplish things that has sometimes seemed impossible. I have fought the devil and never let him win, and succeeded in situations that others wouldn’t have attempted.

God gave me the courage never to depend on alcohol or drugs as a crutch. I have faced problems with a clear head. Yes, I have made my share of mistakes. I’ve paid the price for some things that I’ve done. My body is paying for me working so much, not wanting to ask for help.

Beechwood High has a theatrical group which does a musical production, “The Sound of Music”. My granddaughter Katelyn Nottingham is part of the group.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this was available through the computer. Katie wore a beautiful turquoise dress that made her stand out from the other girls. I watched it and couldn’t hardly see for the tears in my eyes. I was so proud of her performance and that of the other cast members.

I was in for a surprise. At the end of the show, it showed the members of the orchestra that provided the music. There sat my granddaughter Jessica Nottingham playing her flute.

You might say I am a proud grandmother.

Scott and Anna have done such a good job as parents. Sarah, Jessie and Katie are so intelligent and are very good. Ten-year-old Kyle is all boy, and can be a handful at times.

Hello to Les and Pat Wagner and Polly Hasty. Maybe I will get to see you before long.

Hello Buddy and Bernice Grubb along with their grandson Mike. As the redbuds are blooming I may be heading for the mountains I call home in my heart.

Mike and Marcia Caudill, how I am looking forward to Carcassonne Community Center along with Campbell’s Branch being open again. I can’t understand how sports can be open and not music places.

There’s sure nothing to watch on television. What they are calling music is nothing but garbage in my opinion, and filth.

What I don’t understand is why do women wear clothes that leave nothing to the imagination. It sure as heck doesn’t help their singing, in my opinion alone.

Well, once again time has caught up with me and I have a busy day.

Until next time.

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