Whitesburg KY
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy

Spring is almost here

Southern Ohio

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

May I ask once again, how is the weather in your little part of the world? The Ohio Valley area is still having that wonderful stuff called snow, and it is very beautiful.

Just think, in a few more days spring will officially be here. I believe we will have snow in July. My lilac bush has buds on it, and there are daffodils coming up in several people’s yards.

As I was going through some things I found a stack of old Mountain Eagle newspapers from last year, and I had to laugh as I glanced through them. Lilacs were budding then and daffodils were up also, plus crocuses were blooming in the snow.

I wish I had kept one so I could write the date.

I used to save my Eagles for Carl Crase, minus my column. Actually I have bought an extra one when I got to the mountains and would bring a newspaper to Carl. I could never understand how Carl loved to read The Eagle, and wouldn’t subscribe to it, and I know it wasn’t because he couldn’t afford it.

There’s a woman who dearly loves getting the paper and her family doesn’t subscribe for her. If I could afford it I would, but there are enough of them that could get it for her. There’s an old saying, “My purse strings don’t reach that far.”

Susie from Arizona, thanks for the invitation once again and the beautiful card. I don’t think I will ever be taking you up on the offer as I can’t afford to fly, and if I was very wealthy I still wouldn’t fly. I prefer my feet on the ground, although I keep my head in the clouds sometimes.

Les and Pat Wagner, I hope you are feeling better. Becky and Polly Hasty, my thoughts keep returning to you.

Les changed his mind about selling his snow blower. I bet he is using it.

Glenora Eldridge, take care of yourself. My thoughts and condolences are with you.

It seems there’s so much sadness and health issues every time you turn around.

For those of you who have asked what is wrong with me, I am having breathing issues, nothing serious, not connected to my heart. I am still able to put one foot before the other, do most everything, just get exhausted if I walk through the house. It hasn’t stopped me yet.

I am too young to feel this darn old, or could it be, “too old to feel this darn young” as I want to get back dancing, walking and everything else connected to living, not just existing.

My only niece, Sue Hall, has me already 70 years old since that will be the age I am turning May 27. I tell her no, not yet.

Actually with the health issues that I’ve faced in the past three years as March 20, it makes three years since the bypass surgery, plus the other things since. I am very thankful that I have been able to do the things I am doing. There are lots of women younger than me, whom I have seen giving up.

I get so tired of the comments about people being so fat at different business places riding in those modernized power chairs. I look healthy as far as looks, if pudgy makes you look healthy.

Actually I could be using one when I go to the store. I know if someone made a remark, I would run over them and my walking cane might turn into a deadly weapon. So for now I will just take it slow and easy.

Besides that, as soon as the snow is gone so am I, as I intend to going dancing. Richard Caudill still owes me a dance and a ride on the mountain.

Will Caudill, if I had made in for your Valentine’s dance, I would have been in the mountains for an extended stay.

Ricky Caudill, please be careful while you are out riding the four-wheelers, along with all the others who don’t let the weather keep them from riding in the mountains

Mike and Marcia Caudill spent a couple of days visiting relatives

Christine Fields, I think we need to get together and go somewhere for a Coke and a long talk. If I would get you to do one thing, please stay away from men on the computer.

I will say this much without mentioning names of the couple of guys from the mountains who requested friend adds; you picked the wrong old hen, not a chicken, I don’t need your friendship.

My son Keith Ballard has snow shoveled so high I can’t see over it. I think he is building a fort to keep at me home.

Keith didn’t realize he had covered up my solar lights, so I am heading out to the yard to uncover them. Yes, I will be sitting on a stool.

Please check in on your neighbors if you can get to them.

Dee Taylor and Frances “Ladybug” Johnson, I hope your water is back on, and someone has dug you out.

I wanted some icicles. Since there are none around here I can get to, I managed to get some from the edge of my house. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

My windows can be raised from the inside, so I was going to get on my kitchen counter and reach outside to get them. Instead, I used a broom handle and knocked them down outside .

On that note, hello to Bill and Betty Kelly. I hope you are staying warm, and not wearing out that broom.

Belated happy birthday to my grandson Jamie Gray on Feb. 28, and to my beautiful granddaughter Jessica Nottingham, who is officially a teenager. Jessie was 13 years old on March 1

March 4 would have been Mother’s birthday.

Stay warm as you can. I forgot I have to be somewhere before long indoors.

Until next time.

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