Whitesburg KY

Spring is busting out all over in Ohio

Northeast Ohio

Howdy, friends and neighbors, and of course all you kinfolk. Hope this finds all well and having a warm sunshiny day, same as us. I can hardly believe just how much the trees, flowers and everything have just busted out in just the last few days. Tulip trees and Bradford pear trees are really a glorious sight to behold, and some places you will see trees all in a beautiful deep pink or fuchsia color (not redbuds). The trees are donning their spring wardrobe, forsythia is a golden yellow, grass is growing and green, and flowers are blooming everywhere. This, I do believe, is my favorite season. It just makes one glad to be alive. Course come summer I’ll probably say that’s my favorite and the same for autumn. I guess winter is my least favorite; it’s a beautiful time of year but I do not like the cold.

Valerie and I took our trip to Sharon, Penn. Our destination was Daffins, billed as the world’s largest candy store. You should see their chocolate kingdom. They always have all kinds of animals, waterwheels and other items and each and every holiday there’s a theme to match. Beautiful! We had an absolutely wonderful day, temps in the 80s, beautiful scenery and we did stop for lunch. All in all a most enjoyable trip.

Bill and Redia stopped by and had lunch with us. He brought me a load of clothes to work on. Business is still picking up for him.

I talked to Sarah Belle. She said she was feeling very well.

Sympathy to the family of Jim Muncy who died April 17. He had one son, James Wesley Muncy, who is grandson of Red’s sister, Nina. He also had two sisters and two brothers. His funeral was April 20 at Polly and Craft Funeral Home Chapel, burial in Whitaker Cemetery at Payne Gap.

I had the best phone visit with a new friend. Hello to Martha Collier Watts in Garden City, Mich., by way of Letcher County. I really enjoyed talking with you but was really saddened by the news you had to tell me. I’m sure most of you remember me writing about Ed and Lourene Collier Watts. Sadly Ed died April 14 at his home in Garden City, Mich., at the age of 76. He would have been 77 in August. Besides his wife of 56 years, he leaves behind two sons and a daughter, plus lots of relatives and many, many friends. I’m sure he will be greatly missed. I’ll miss the phone calls and will cherish the dolls he sent me. They are on display in my doll room. Lourene, my love and prayers are with you and your family and I will be in touch.

Martha and Lourene are sisters and their husbands were brothers. Both brothers have made their final journeys, Ezra about 12 years ago.

Red and I talked to his niece Lena Hampton Stallard. She is very special to us. She lived with us here in Lorain for four years and decided she wanted to return to Kentucky, but came back and went some to Clearview High School. Her mother died when she was very young.

I had an appointment on a recent morning and noticed the umbrella bushes (whatever they are) in full bloom in pinks and white. Also, a dogwood across the street is beginning to bloom. It is a white one and down the street there’s a beautiful pink one. I have a pink dogwood quilt and hope to have time to make a white one. And on the subject of quilts, I’m hemming the cathedral window, almost done. I have another one ready to put in hoops.

Hello to Gladys Smith in North Carolina. I wrote you a letter and know you didn’t get it, I did! I don’t know what I did wrong but knowing me it could have been anything.

Just a reminder about the Engle family picnic, which will be on Sunday, May 25, at the Senior Citizens Center at Flat Gap, Va. I do hope to see everyone there.

Me thinks I might as well call it a day. I seem to be getting a bit on the lazy side. I just had supper and guess you could say it was a breakfast meal, fried ‘taters and eggs. I really prefer my breakfast food at dinner or suppertime.

Red seems to be doing better now, but I do wish he weren’t so set on sharing. For three days I had the same symptoms he did; mine was soon over though. I probably have a better resistance than he, he’s had too much going on since 2005.

Y’all have a happy and safe summer, share a smile and a hello with a stranger, maybe we should have a share a smile day. Love, prayers and peace to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, emmalouengle@yahoo.com, (440) 233-7548.

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