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Spring is good time to start walking

Southern Ohio

Hello everyone! The weather is slightly warmer though not warm enough for me as of yet! It won’t be long before I can take my bath as May will be here before you know it. I hope everyone knows I am just joshing about that! I have someone in my corner; Betty Kelly will be taking her annual bath before long too.

It has been nice enough for me to sit on the porch a few times and enjoy the fresh air. I have started walking once again. Sunday afternoon I walked a mile, Tuesday I met my daughter, Kay Gray, and we walked two miles, and Thursday I pushed little Bennie in his stroller almost half a mile.

Vickie Power and I went to the Senior Citizens Center at Rising Sun, Ind. This was Vickie’s first time being there and I hadn’t been since last year. This is a very enjoyable place to go.

Vickie and I went to Whitewater Senior Center. This was Vickie’s first time there. Seems I am making her a run-around like me. We talked to Polly Maucher for a few minutes. Carl Crase was there too, so as usual Letcher County was represented.

I ventured to a place called Coon Hunters Club a little ways out of Hamilton, Ohio. I called my hillbilly friend Polly Maucher to go with me. She said yes then backed out, saying it was too cold. I will only let snow and ice keep me from going anywhere I want to go. Vickie was busy with her granddaughter. If I had waited another half hour she could have gone with me.

Coon Hunters Club is rather small place and to get a seat you have to go early. The music is always good and I like it. The people that go there are regulars and everyone knows everyone. I usually find a seat and don’t mix that much; there’s one couple there that I have known for several years. I usually dance a couple of dances.

Vickie and I went to a bookstore and I purchased two books that I had seen a few weeks ago then went out to supper at Rohrers on Route 50. They specialize in fish; this is a good place to eat.

When I got home my son, Keith Ballard, needed me to help him with a truck that he bought. I had to pump the brakes while Keith bled them. This brought back so many memories as years ago you would find me under a car or truck or down under a hood as my husband was working on one of our vehicles. You name and I would try it if it needed to be done! I taught our middle daughter, Angie Wiederhold, how to change a tire. Now I wouldn’t know how to start since the jacks have changed and the bumpers too. Vickie and I went to Jungle Jim’s in Hamilton, Ohio. I didn’t realize there were so many different kinds of bananas. This is a unique place to shop though we didn’t buy much as we didn’t know when we would be home. We stopped at Richard’s and had supper then somehow we went from Hamilton on to Brookville, Ind., and back to Harrison.

I did see a pumpkin roll that I have been wanting so bad. I didn’t buy it though I have thought about driving all the way back to Jungle Jim’s just for a slice.

My granddaughter, Jennifer, drove to Stafford, Va., to meet up with her husband Tommy Proctor. She left my house at 1 a.m. with her two children, Samantha Jo Gray and T J Proctor. Jennifer called me at to say she made it without any trouble. She only stopped two times.

While they were in Virginia, which was only 30 miles from Washington, they took a tour through Washington. She said the trees were just beginning to bloom. They returned home and everyone was worn out.

Tommy’s dad was transferred from Cincinnati to Stafford. He has been staying there for a year so his wife, Karen, decided to move there too since her job has been cut back.

My daughter, Kay Gray, and her friend, Lisa Wissel, spent several days in Destin, Fla. Kay got a sunburn, and I guess she thought I would feel sorry for her.

I have received a couple of nice emails, one from Eula Tolliver from Premium. Eula is the daughter of Dewey Eldridge who used to live on Kingscreek. Eula was looking for a schoolmate, Betty Jo Calihan. Thanks to Coolie Jr. and Pat Calihan and Ann and Johnny Calihan I got in touch with Betty Jo’s mother, Jewell Calihan, and was able to get the name and address for Eula.

I received an email from a Marlowe resident who makes Dayton, Ohio, her home, the former Toni Stidham. We knew some of the same people from Marlowe. It was really nice hearing from Toni who gets The Mountain Eagle and reads my column.

I also received several emails from Sheila Dixon, who is related to my uncles, James and Ted Adams. Sheila’s daughter, Jessica Halcomb, enjoys my column.

Gwen Huff Farmer had a very busy weekend with her son, John, and his wife, Sonya, and son Grant, along with friends of John’s, Jack and his son, Michael, and George, and Kyle. Gwen said they all went out to eat at Ponderosa and she didn’t spend much time cooking.

Sonya is going to start deer hunting this season. Gwen had to give it up as her legs were bothering her climbing in the deer stands.

Hello, Glen Farmer Jr. It was good to meet you.

Shirley Wells has been spending time with her family and like me, she does her fair share of baby-sitting.

I talked to Willa Mae and Carl Boggs for a little while. They are both doing all right.

My sympathy goes out to the Calihan family in the loss of Jr. Calihan’s grandson, Tony Calihan.

His grandmother, Renevae, used to be Ike Adams’s neighbor.

Hello to Genita Calihan. Thanks for the information. Your daughters and grandchildren send their love.

Belated happy birthday to my daughter, Angie Wiederhold, March 23, and happy birthday to my son, Keith Ballard, March 29. They are getting older and I am going to quit having birthdays!

My brother, Richie Hall, is enjoying this warmer weather; Wanda is still busy painting and fixing up.

My brother, Wallace Lee Hall’s, wife, Georgia, is in the hospital at Whitesburg.

Hello to my brother, Jerry, and Mattie Hall and all their friends.

I guess I better head for bed as tomorrow is a busy day for me. Until next time: Rose Ballard Durham, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, (513) 367-4682.

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