Whitesburg KY

Spring is on its way

Cowan Creek

Hello winter! Countdown is on for spring.

I cannot wait to see the Easter lilies start popping up. I know we have to endure the different seasons, but winter keeps people sick, especially our little ones.

Just don’t get it. Hope it kills all the fleas. So far that is all I have seen that it protects, is the animals. Oh well, my theory.

My mother, Carolyn Ison Gilliam, had a birthday Jan. 7, and Irvin Ison, my dad’s, will be on Jan. 25. There was always a point where they both were the same age until Dad’s rolled around. Sweet.

I always thought dad would outlive Mom, but he died at age 65 and Mom at 70. We sure do miss them.

As we get older we get anxious, depressed and sometimes angry over the way life goes, so I hope this helps someone understand what God can do.

This is by Dr. Charles Stanley on anxiety: “Father, how grateful I am that You will not allow me in remain in bondage. Thank you for bringing my anxieties to light so that I can be free of them. I praise You for your kindness to me and for the patience with which You heal my wounds.

“ Lord, this anxiety deeply consumes me and dominates my thoughts, so I bring it to You. I cannot break free of the apprehension on my own. I commit this to Your loving care and faithful stewardships, knowing You have never let me down and never will.

“Thank You for understanding my situation and for caring enough to help me. I am grateful for Your unconditional love, Your promise to provide for me, and the wisdom and strength necessary to break free of this bondage.

“Father, I acknowledge I am facing a faith battle. Therefore, I declare once and for all that I believe You can deliver me from this anxiety and that You are bigger, stronger, and more powerful than any problem I will ever face. Lord, I give this situation to you and trust that You will always do what is absolutely best for me.

“Thank you for giving me the peace that passes all understanding.”

Our world is so confusing. We all need to get on our knees every night and pray for the lost, and our young generation. Why? Because they are the future. We live in a world that once used to be safe (or at least we thought so), but our children will not know what its like to play on moss, eat hickory nuts, pick berries, walk two miles to the store with your cousins, swing on a grape vine (until your dad finds out and chops it down). We need America back! God is going prevail and I am ready, are you?

“I gotta peaceful easy feelin’.”

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