Whitesburg KY

Spring is sneaking up on us

Glory be, we are finally getting a bit of warmer sunshine. I do believe temperatures have got up to 60 or really close. Could this mean maybe spring is sneaking up on us?

I haven’t seen a sign of spring in this area, only heard birds singing. But birds, squirrels and rabbits have been around all winter and I should know as we’ve been feeding them.

If you have a wee bit of the Irish in you, I hope you had a great celebration on Saint Patrick’s Day. Northeast Ohio

My heart just breaks every time I see the devastation in Japan. It seems lately it’s just one disaster after another. Floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, snow and ice storms, and how many car, train and plane crashes? I really hope and pray that there will be a change for the better. Is someone trying to tell us something?

I do hope this finds everyone had a great week and all are well and happy. I talked to Georgia and want to let all her friends and relatives know that she is doing much, much better.

Jeanie called, and they are doing fairly well. Phil has to have cataract surgery soon and Jeanie has a procedure coming up, nothing major, just some tests.

Ronald Buford called Sunday, and he and Jonell are okay, just a few aches and pains here and there. I can’t believe what I heard. Ron says they plan to do some traveling. I don’t blame them one bit, and it’s best to do what you can while you can.

I’m absolutely dumbfounded, it’s only 9 a.m., and we just got our mail. Usually it’s much, much later like about 4 p. m. Sometimes a mite earlier, and sometimes 4:30 or 4:35.

Hello to Joyce Larkins in Tennessee. I just wanted to let you know I have written twice and my letters were returned. I couldn’t understand why until I checked the address you gave me. No Zip code. If you will get that to me, I promise to write, okay?

Another address I have somehow managed to misplace is for Wanda Ferrell. I think there’s a mischievous spirit around here just waiting to see what it can do next. Hi Wanda, I hope everything is going well for you and yours. If you want to send me your address, I promise to write.

Red and I are doing fair, though he had a bad day yesterday and is not feeling so well today. We did go grocery shopping and to the drugstore.

We came home with his medication, a few bags of groceries and nearly empty pockets. I guess if we went on diets we might have more money. Oh well, it is for spending and we sure aren’t going to take it with us when we leave here.

My good friend Nellie Banks called from Bloomington, Ind. It was so good to hear from her, and she sounded real pert. She was telling me she celebrated her 93rd birthday on March 4. Her family, friends and church family surprised her with a gathering at Golden Corral. Belated happy birthday, Nellie.

Georgia called, and said she and Richard would most likely stop by tonight. Redia and Catharine were both here yesterday. Catharine came bearing fresh paczi (donuts). There’s a local bakery that is simply delicious. It’s not the name but very apt, as everything is simply delicious. If we have occasion to buy a birthday cake or pies for special holidays, that’s where we go.

The clock hand is inching toward eight and that’s when Catharine’s shift ends, so I had better get this finished.

‘Miss Friday’ just came in, and Richard and Georgia have been gone only a short time.

So until next week, have a great one, be good to yourself and each other and may your heart be happy and at peace.

Love and prayers to all.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave. Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548,emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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