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Spring only days away

Another normal day, weatherwise, here in Lorain. Cold, damp, dark and dreary with the promise of snow tomorrow. The only redeeming feature is the fact that spring is only days away.

I hope everyone had a fantastic week and that there will be many more in your future. Could have been better here. Red fell again and this time twisted his arm and neck. He’s hurting, but we are both slowly getting better following the falls we had earlier.

I talked to Jeanie earlier this week, and she seems to be doing better. She and her family are planning for their trip here for the Engle- Sergent picnic. Jeanie, Phil and Christy will be coming from Louisville and Calvin, Mary and Carson from New York.

I finally called Henry Warren in Murray, and he said he and all of his family were well. He also said he was planning to attend our picnic. I really and truly hope all the family can be here. We need to get together before another one goes missing.

Our longtime and precious friend Joyce Gaynell Adkins called from Columbus, Ind. recently and said that she her hubby were doing okay. Just usual things like having to see eye doctor and such.

She did tell me about her niece, Kim Malenowski, who is very ill and in ICU. Kim is the daughter of Dianne and the late Hansel Edwards. Please remember Kim, her husband, Dave, her mother, children and all the family when you say your daily prayers.

Gaynell also told me her great-grandson, Cody Wilson, is five years now. It seems only a short time ago that his mom, Regina, was just a wee bit of a thing herself. Happy birthday, Mr. Cody Wilson. I hope you got lots of presents and had cake and ice cream galore. Also happy birthday to two of her grandsons who are now young men of 18, and will graduate high school this year. Matthew Edwards, ‘Donnie,’ had a birthday on March 9, and I’m a mite late with Christopher’s, as his was Sept. 23. I believe he is Regina’s son.

Gaynell had called Albert and Mable Hamilton in Florida. They used to live here in Ohio and belonged to the Little Pilgrim Home Church at Ruggles. Their daughter still lives here in Ohio, and is the wife of Eddie Wallen, an Old Regular Baptist preacher at Little Pilgrim Home. She is such a sweet, kind, gentle person she might well be named ‘Sweet Alice.’ Northeast Ohio

Redia just stopped by for a short visit, long enough for a cup of coffee. She had brought Bill’s lunch to the store. His business is really doing well. I wish I were up to putting in a day’s work, would apply for a job. My working days have really diminished. I can hardly do what’s needed around the house, and then I have to take too many breaks to rest.

Hello and how are you, Clara Pfister? I plan to get a letter off your way in the next day or so. I’m finally getting just about caught up.

Congratulations to Milford Clark and Janet A. Vanmeter on their upcoming wedding, which will be April 13 at 1 p.m. at Maple Grove Church in Ashland, Ohio. We just today got our invitation by mail. I would love to attend, but we really don’t go too far from home late in the day as we don’t really like to drive after dark. They do have our love and best wishes for a long and happy life together.

Sympathy to the family of Phyllis Thornsbury, who died and is being taken back to Hindman for burial. It’s been years since I saw her last. She and her sister Fern used to attend Little Edna Church often. I’m pretty sure they grew up in Knott County. She was very nice and really pleasant.

Georgia called and said she had appointments with two doctors recently. Maybe soon she’ll be feeling like a new woman.

I called Jettie to tell her about Phyllis, as I knew she also knew the girls. She and Chester are doing okay.

It’s time to call it quits for this week but I will be back, same time, same place next week, Lord willing.

Wishing all a fantastic week with much sunshine and a peaceful heart. Love and prayers to all.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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