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Spring snow is predicted for Ohio

Happy spring everyone! How is everything in your little corner of the world?

So it says spring on the calendar, but it is predicted snow in the Ohio Valley area. I’ve seen a few heavy snows in April when the forsythia was blooming and the snow was heavy. It was beautiful on the trees.

I really wouldn’t mind one more snow as I would make snow cream again. As long as the roads don’t get ice on them I really don’t mind the snow.

I am ready for spring and the beautiful flowers, knowing that God’s hands will once again wake the world with sunshine, warmth, and beauty for our eyes to behold.

While I was shopping I bought a box of wildflower seeds I am going to scatter around the edge of the field next to my house as it is called wetlands. When the park first bought the land it was covered with wildflowers, but the grass and weeds have grown it to a straggly field with several small trees that have grown through. It is wonderful to be able to see the wide-open space and no buildings around.

The same with the hayfield across my house. Of course I don’t like the busy country road in front of my house, but I will tolerate that any day before I will live in a crowded city. Not everyone has the peace and quiet that I have when I walk out on my back deck. There are a few people that I know who have “Heaven on Earth” in their surroundings.

Southern Ohio

Doyle and Betty Ison have that wonderful overlook from their beautiful deck that still reminds me of a boat dock. Mike and Marcia Caudill have wonderful place, with seclusion from noise and everything. Then there are a couple of houses across the road from me that I would just love to go see, that sit high upon a hill.

Again, I love my location since it has been home to me for 45 years.

My sympathy and heart goes to the Pikeville police officer who was killed while doing his job. I hope the five who killed him get the death penalty. We are living in a crazy world. It isn’t safe to go to work, to send your kids to school, and to be in your own home.

Our country is a disaster. I am barely able to take care of me, so I don’t know why I get upset with other things. I finally had to turn my television off.

Wednesday, I should have a new washer and dryer delivered as last Wednesday I had to cancel since the flu decided to come for a visit. I called the neighbor back of the lane to see if he wanted my old set for scrap. Sunday I decided I would try to get the dryer out to the back deck. I managed to get it from the bathroom, through the kitchen and bedroom, to the back deck. About an hour later here comes the neighbor to get them, so now I am ready for my new set to be delivered.

Saturday, I went on a very pleasant trip with my daughter Anna, and her husband Scott, Jessica and Kyle Nottingham. My granddaughter Katelyn Nottingham is in Beechwood Color Guard, and they were in competition at Milford High School.

As I sat watching Kate and the elegance and grace of her movements, she seemed to flow doing her performance, and the other members were great too. The other girls have dark hair, and Kate has blonde so it was very easy to pick her out. Beechwood came in first place

Memories flooded through of Kate when she was about three years old. Scott and Anna had to be away for a while, so Clayton and I kept the girls. When it was time to take them home Kate threw a grand royal hissy fit as she didn’t want to go home.

When we arrived at her house it became worse as Katie didn’t want to get out of the car, then grabbed the small lightpole in the yard and was hanging on for dear life crying, “I don’t want to go home. I want to stay with you. I don’t love my Mommy, I love you.”

I finally got her loose, then she ran down the hill to the garage door. Clayton had to get her for me and then he carried her into their house, and finally she settled down. I spent the night with them and had to sleep with all three of the girls.

Now they are just about grown. Sarah is in college, Jessica turned 16 and will be driving before long, and oh, Jessica has a boyfriend too. Kate is growing up to be a beautiful young woman. All three girls are really good in school.

Sarah has to maintain an A in order to stay in school on a scholarship at N.K.U. Sarah also holds down a part-time job at Staples. Oh I know I sound like a proud, doting grandmother.

Plans are still being made for my granddaughter Jodi Gray’s upcoming wedding. Jodi will be too exhausted to enjoy the actual wedding by the time it arrives.

One night as I lay sleepless memories of Jack and me getting married came stealing through. It was just the two of us at a Justice of the Peace. We lasted 32 years without all the trimmings.

Jack used to tell me that I didn’t have to work. That was true as long as I was with him I didn’t have to work a lick, yet I did go to work. Now that he is gone, I don’t have to work since with his passing a way was made for me and I have it far easier than I’ve known in a long time, so you might say he is still taking care of me after over 23 years of being divorced and never speaking all those years.

As I have asked before, have you got that hoe sharpened and ready to work in the ground as it won’t be long now? I have a few potatoes that are starting to sprout in a bag. I think I will dig a couple of holes and plant them this week. Now to keep my son or someone else from cutting them down.

My son will be moving back with me, and that will take some getting used to. It will be temporary until he finds an apartment. I really don’t mind as he is a lot of help to me and I never have to worry about anything not being fixed. It is just an adjustment at first having someone in the house with me.

Instead of me becoming like my mother Ora Hall, it seems I get more like my Grandma Rosa Hall every day I live. My Grandma Hall survived many years by herself.

I love the solitude of being alone. I was told by someone that I was going to die a lonely old woman. Well if God lets me live I may die an old woman, but you can bet your boots that I won’t die lonely. You can be lonelier with someone sitting next to you than when you are alone. I know, I’ve experienced that.

Again, it takes an adjustment, being alone, but thank God I was used to being alone as Jack worked nights for several years, and then I was too busy trying to survive when Jack and I separated as I worked day and evenings.

I also liked the independence of not having someone telling me what to do. Now it has been too long of a time and I will never be put in the position of anyone telling or even trying to tell me, as I said a way was made for me.

Look out bluegrass festivals here I come, if my health will improve.

Bill Meade, have you started your planning for the Kingscreek Bluegrass Festival? Please try to add another bluegrass band and make sure you have Sunrise Ridge.

For those of you who needs lawn care, please get in touch with Jack Adams. Jack is the banjo picker for Sunrise Ridge. I don’t have his information with me at the time of this writing. I know it wouldn’t be hard to get in touch with him.

Well, again the old clock is giving me the evil eye as it is catching up with me. A special thanks to Ben Gish and Pam Walker.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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