Whitesburg KY

Spring weather makes us more energetic

Hello everyone, welcome to spring. Spring means renewal time to me. I always feel more energetic in spring. If the weather cooperates, it will be great.

On March 9, my mother in-law, Linda Wenning of Coldwater, Oh., passed away. We knew her time was coming to an end but it was quicker than we expected. She had been in a nursing home for several years. She would have been 90 years old this month. Apparently she had told one of her sons that she didn’t want to be 90 and she ended up passing away two weeks before she turned 90.

Linda is survived by her sons: Curt Wenning of New Breman, Oh.; Mike and Martha Wenning of Whitesburg; Jeff and Cindy Wenning of Coldwater, Ohio; and Kevin and Tina Wenning of Coldwater, Ohio. There are 10 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Susan Ware of Lexington, and Janis Marr of Berea, attended the funeral of Linda Wenning.

Our son and daughterin law, Brad and Becky Wenning of New Paris, Oh., came to visit. They had been to Las Vegas, Nev., for a few days and still had some vacation time. They brought their three adorable Chihuahua dogs with them: Scout, Sophie, and Soukie. It was great having them visit. We took a drive to Pikeville and to the Pine Mountain overlook. Since we are now living in Kentucky they plan to visit more often.

My cousin, Kat hy LaMonte of Clinton, Miss., came in to visit for a week. Two of her granddaughters, Emma and Ava Phillips, came with her, as this was their spring break trip. While here, Kathy attended a DAR meeting at the Harry M. Caudill Library. She also visited Georgia Phillips, who is a resident at Letcher Manor Nursing Home in Whitesburg.

My brother and my cousin both fell during the rain. Kathy was going down the steps and apparently missed one. She grabbed the railing and slipped down both steps before hitting the ground.

John tried to catch her. He slipped, and ended up in the yard. Neither were hurt, they were wet and laughing. I had already left and was walking home when this happened. As long as we can laugh about what we do, life is okay.

Another cousin, Stella Sigrest Barnett of Eckerty, Ind., fell and broke her back. She doesn’t know when it happened but she did fall a couple months ago. She now has to wear a brace for four weeks and hopefully she doesn’t have to have surgery.

I received an email from Patty Kendrick Dean. She lived on Cowan when she was a child with her parents, Jim and Pearl Kendrick. Patty was trying to get in touch with Doris Jean Banks.

The best part of receiving the email is that I had been thinking about Patty. Social media, which includes email, is a great way to connect with others.

The warmer weather has been great. It is wonderful to have mid 70s weather in March. Where we had lived in Wyoming, they had more snow and cold. On our 75-degree day, I am glad to be out of the cold, icy, snowy, winter weather.

Social media quote for the week: Life is so much easier with a sense of humor.

Have a good week.

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