Whitesburg KY
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Spring will soon be here

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

I think I am going to make a snow and put food coloring in it for Valentines Day. I have to think of something to do, as I think I am going crazier than I normally am! This cold weather is about to get me down plus everything else going on.

It seems every time there’s a bad snow predicted, it catches me low on gas in my car and almost out of groceries. I think I am going to pick up a bag of charcoal, pull my grill on the deck at the back of the house and throw on a couple of hamburgers. Like I said, I have to do something to break out of these chains that are holding me prisoner in my own life!

I can almost taste the fatback broiled on the open fire that my brother Richie Hall and Larry Roark talk about, with a piece of cornbread and a slice of onion. The only thing is I guess I have developed a city girl’s stomach as cornbread really bothers and so do onions.

There’s a lot that I used to eat that I find doesn’t agree with me. Sometimes I wonder why I am so fat! I enjoy a cup of coffee occasionally, but it gives me the jitters so bad I can’t stand myself. I can drink sweet ice tea all day long and the caffeine doesn’t bother me, but a cup of coffee really does upset my system.

As far as my griping about the weather, I look at all that people are going through in other places with lots worse weather than we have in this area.

I am glad that February is a short month, though just by a couple of days, it means March will be here and spring!

Johnny and Ann Calihan managed to get out and have a little fun as they took a trip to Wabash, Ind., to see ‘Fiddler On The Roof.’ A group got together and chartered a bus, and Ann said everyone had a really good time. They stopped along the way to enjoy meals. Ann said the play was great, the hotel was nice and everything was just wonderful. I am really glad that Ann and Johnny got to go.

It reminded me of the trip to Metamora, Ind., that a group from the Nazarene Church went on years ago. Ann and I can still laugh about that trip.

The Calihan family has seen their share of heartaches this winter, too. I guess everyone has their share as this is life, it just seems when it hits home it is worse.

Belated birthday wishes to my sister-in-law Wanda Hall. Richie and Wanda enjoyed having some special visitors for Wanda’s birthday, as their daughter Crystal and her husband Chris and boys went to visit them from Hamilton. So I know Wanda and Richie had a very special time.

I would love to head for the mountains, but I am too scared to drive in the winter.

It seems there are quite a few from the mountains who enjoy the website of Facebook.

I really enjoyed chatting with Oma Hatton’s son Billy Hatton. I felt envious as he said he and his wife had been able to sit on their gazebo for a little while. It is really hard to imagine the difference in the weather between here and there! There have been times that Richie would tell me how warm it was, and I thought he was just tantalizing me because it was so cold here.

I am glad to say our brother Robert Hall is doing better after his surgery. He really has been very sick, and I hope how quickly he is up and about. Southern Ohio

My son Keith Ballard is still in the hospital, and he is much improved. When Keith is ill it seems as if I have lost my best friend.

My son-in-law Scott Nottingham has been promoted to acting chief of police of Ft. Mitchell. He was chosen chief of police but refused the position.

My new grandbaby is going to be grown before I get back to see him! I stay busy yet I don’t seem to get anything accomplished.

Sunday was Old Time Fiddlers, and we really had a good turnout, musicians and listeners. Those of you in this area should stop by sometime. It usually meets the first Sunday of each month, except in March when it is the second Sunday as the Boy Scouts use the building for their pancake breakfast.

Gwen Huff Farmer sends her love to all her family in the mountains. I believe Gwen is marking the days off the calendar so she can get back out in the garden.

Shirley Wells is as tired of the cold as we all are. I really hope we can get together sometime this summer.

Bill Proffitt, someone told me that you haven’t been feeling very well. I hope you are doing better. Fayette Holcomb and Larry Smith Matt Glazer were asking about you two.

Hello to Betty and Doyle Ison. As soon as this weather breaks I am heading your way for a cup of hot chocolate .

Hello to my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall, and our sister Loretta Church and our brother Wallace Lee Hall in Letcher Manor.

Hello Clarence and Arlyn Halcomb. I hope you are staying warm.

Emma and Red Engle, don’t you get out and fall on this ice.

Now I can’t leave out my buddies Frick and Frack Ison and their sister Polly Maucher. I hope everything is okay your way!

Well, it is time to get this on its way, so until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone: 513-367-4682.

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