Whitesburg KY

Springtime is slow in coming to Ohio

Northeast Ohio

Howdy y’ll and hope all are well and enjoying sunshine and warm weather. Believe it or not, we did have 60 degrees one day and were almost there another. The sun is playing peek-a-boo today and it seems to be getting a bit cooler. Forecast is for rain, a bit of wet snow, but temperatures in the 40s. It won’t amount to much. I’m not gonna let it get me down because my kind of weather is getting closer and closer. I like it when it’s 80 and above.

Red sowed his early mustard patch, just hope it does as well as last year.

I read in The Eagle where R.C. Cook Jr. died. My sympathy to all his family and friends. Guess I knew him and his family about all my life. His dad, Crance Cook, was our mailman for many years. He always rode a mule but the mail was taken to the Democrat Post Office and customers had to go pick up, that is if we received any. It was a pretty good walk for us, but we didn’t mind at all, fact is we looked forward to going.

I got my first birthday card and want to say thank you to sister in-law Vera Mae Engle Sowards, Pound, Va. Bless her heart, she always remembers. Not me! I need an extra large dose of a medicine to improve my mind, a bit too late, mine is pretty close to being a goner. Too many senior moments or I could say I’m just giving it a rest.

Jeanie called and we had the best chat. She had seen some people we knew and who had attended Stuart Robinson School. She saw some of the McCray family (R.B. and Lissie’s children); we are related to them. I know some went to SRS but I’m not sure how many. I do know Lula graduated when I did. She was married to the late Ralph Webb and lived mostly in Georgia. They met while at school. Lula was like we were, a dormitory girl, and Ralph was a day student. Lula and I worked in the kitchen (paid our tuition that way). She was a good cook and could make a mean pan of gravy (huge pans).

Hello to Owen and Emma Adams Amburgey and a happy birthday to Owen. Emma is sister to brother-in-law Phil, who has been in our family so long he’s now one of our own and if we claim him, he have to include his family. I’m proud to do so because the ones I have met are really great.

Red is still talking about making a trip to the mountains but can’t seem set a time. I just hope he gives me enough notice so I can get myself together. It’s probably beginning to look pretty much like springtime down that way. Not so here, still only a few buds showing here and there.

I’m working on the last corner of my upstairs quilt and have a pretty good start on the one downstairs. Now that I’m helping Billy Wayne I don’t have as much time as I would like. Engle’s seems to be doing better every week and will probably do better now that the weather is nicer.

The first Saturday and Sunday was Pleasant View Church time but we didn’t get to go, Red was all dressed and ready and I was almost. So what happened Red got all woozy and sick and ended up on the couch, where he spent most of the day. This weekend is Little Pilgrim Home Church time and we are making plans to go, but who knows what might happen.

Howdy all you Eagle writers, I’m still waiting to get some input on when and where we can all meet. Guess most are in or near the Whitesburg area so if that is more convenient, I’m sure I could make it anytime. The only way I would miss this is for Red to be too sick to travel.

I’ve been remembering growing up on the farm and all the chores we had to do – carrying in coal, wood and water from the well, feeding chickens, gathering eggs, working in the garden and cornfield, and the one I liked least of all, milking. Every time I had to help Mom with the milking I had a Jello-like feeling in my body. I did pretty well except for one time and this was after we were married and Billy Wayne was at the crawling stage so I had to take a quilt to sit him on. This one morning he decided to crawl over to where I was sitting on a upturned bucket and climb up by me. The cow was swinging her tail back and forth and the baby was giggling. He thought it was funny so he decided to grab hold of it. That did it, the cow moved forward, knocking the milk pail over and my seat fell over and believe you me, that was one morning milking time was one short session. That evening Red had to do the milking, something he wasn’t too fond of doing and not that good at. It wasn’t long till we sold the cow and that was the end of our dairy or any other farm animal.

On that note I’m going to say so long till next week, same time same place, leaving you with best wishes for a week of love, peace and sunshine.

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