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Squirrel causes power outage

Hello everyone – I hope all had a wonderful holiday weekend. It was a quiet weekend for us but nice. I did a lot of porch sitting over the weekend, which is becoming my favorite thing to do.

John, Mike, and I did go to the Indian Mountain flea market in Virginia on Saturday. It was so hot while we were there. It wasn’t very busy, which is good. We went to Lowe’s in Wise and that was a hot store. I wore masks at both places. I was glad to see people wearing masks out and about.

My brother came down one day last week to see if we had power. He didn’t have any. Since we had power, he went home and called the power company. They told him that he was the only one without power and that someone will come out to check his connections. The power man arrived and quickly discovered what had happened. A squirrel had gotten too close to the wires or had bitten into them, causing the squirrel to get electrocuted, which caused John’s power to go out. The power company man said this happens a lot and sometimes it’s a raccoon instead of a squirrel. We did laugh but felt sorry for the squirrel.

Last week, a bear walked across the yard at my cousin Kathy Sigrest’s place. John saw it and said it was a big one. It went on up the hill. We haven’t seen a bear this year by us, but the year is still young.


Mike was working on the house and I was helping. I looked out into the backyard and saw something black, which caused me to squeal. I asked Mike if it was a snake and he said yes. It wasa31/2-footblacksnake just lying there. Mike threw something at it to see if it would move and it slowly moved and started up the hill. My daughter-in-law said snakes are sluggish in the morning until they warm up. Mike had seen a smaller black snake earlier in the day out front, which was moving slowly. I am not a snake fan but the black snakes survived.

Carol Caudill had company over the weekend. Her granddaughter, Becca Eskew of Wise, Va., came in for the weekend. Carol was also expecting Candy and Harold Leach of Kingsport, Tenn., to come in. It’s always nice to have family visit.

Ella Caudill had a great family weekend. On Friday night the family went to Phoebe and Jarred Stevens’s house for a cookout and fireworks. Then on Saturday night the family went to Helen and Danny Roberts’s house for a delicious crab boil. Afterwards they went to Libby and John Honeycutt’s house to watch the Whitesburg fireworks. The family consisted of: Ella and Mark Caudill; Phoebe, Jarred, Emerson and Isla Stevens; Katie Caudill and Paul Patula; Helen and Danny Roberts; Libby and John Honeycutt; Adam and Samantha Honeycutt; Janet Napier; and Juanita, Alex, Josh and Mandy Caudill. It was a great weekend for all.

Susan, Waldo, and Joe Stamper of Lexington came in for the weekend. They will be staying for a few days. I’m glad they came in for the weekend as it’s always good to have more family around.

I did connect with Marsha Banks over the weekend. Marsha said she and Carl hadn’t had any company since March. They don’t get out much but they do a lot of yard work. Marsha said she keeps in touch with everyone by phone and texts. We are all waiting for this quarantine to end.

Linda Lucas of Knoxville, Tenn., went white water rafting on the Nolichucky River in Tennessee. She went with her friend Tammy and with her grandson Aiden Lucas. It sounded like an exciting time.

Linda also sent me a picture of an old Mountain Eagle article. The article was dated November 3, 1955. The article was titled “Sewing Shop Now Open For Business”. ‘The Banks Sewing Shop was opened by Mrs. Charlie Banks and Mrs. Edgar Banks over Barrett’s Cafe on Main Street.’

These ladies were my great-aunts, Thelma Banks and Louama Banks. They were sisters to my Granny, Beulah Caudill. I’m so glad Linda sent this article to me. All of the Gibson sisters were great seamstresses. Years later Aunt Thelma and Aunt Louama opened another shop on Little Cowan. I loved it when my mom had them make me an A-line skirt and I got to ride my bicycle up the road to pick it up. Memories are good.

Rachel and Chris Fields and children went to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tenn., for a few days. They enjoyed their time there.

During the week, they met up with Amanda and Adam Wood and their children. Rachel enjoyed meeting her nephew and niece, Jax and Zoey, for the first time. The cousins enjoyed their time together. It was an amazing family time.

This week’s quote is attributed to Franklin D. Roosevelt. “Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.”

If you have any news please email me at Cowannews@aol.com.

Thank you and have a safe and healthy week.

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