Whitesburg KY

Squirrels are looking for food

I think this March weather has been carried over from February.

The daffodils are blooming already, but I have seen them get covered with snow, too. But they are sure pretty when you can see them.

The squirrels are out looking for food too. If they can’t find anything else to eat, they are not above nibbling on a pine cone here and there.

Pine nuts are probably not the best food in the forest, but will have to do in a pinch to keep from starving. I never say I won’t eat something because there might come a time when I will be glad to get what I said I wouldn’t eat.

I have never eaten frog legs and don’t want to, but I won’t say I won’t eat them because I may have to eat my words.

I haven’t seen a lazy old groundhog yet, but I bet it won’t be too long before they will venture out to see if they can find any tender, green goodies to nibble on.

We seem to have an abundance of birds already, some I don’t remember seeing before. I keep food out for them just in case they want to stop by for a snack, and besides, I love to watch them.

God created them just for us to enjoy, and that is what I do every chance I get.

Before long we will start to smell the aroma of burning cornstalks as we did back in the good old days. Not many people farm any- more, so we don’t smell the aroma as we once did. People who farm a lot of acreage usually have the machinery to shred the stalks, thus enriching the soil for the next crop.

Personally, I like the notill method because it cuts down on soil erosion which is very important.

I am not able to garden now and haven’t for several years, but what I miss most are my tomatoes and beans, which I thoroughly enjoy.

Anymore, I do my gardening in my rocking chair. In this way I can let the weeds take over and nobody will ever know it.

Oh well, it doesn’t hurt to daydream once in a while, right?

Well, so long for now from the funny farm.

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