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Staff sergeant firebug

During the Viet Nam War, one of my older staff sergeants asked for a threeday pass to go home to San Diego, Calif., and I gave him the pass.

When he got home he walked inside his apartment and found his wife with a Navy man. I was later told he went a little nuts, then came back to base.

A few days later, small fires were started all over out base. The MPs were everywhere, on duty 24/7, and the fires were still started.

About a month later, the MPs came to my print shop and arrested my staff sergeant.

I was told my printer went into town and drove a car to the Ford dealership, and told them he would buy that car. He filled out the papers for the loan, and a few days later was told that his loan was turned down.

That night, he went back to the dealership and set fire to that car.

(Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in Fairfield, Calif.)

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