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Stand up for your rights

To the Editor:

I would like to encourage everyone to stand up for our rights that our founding fathers gave us in our Constitution and that is our freedom of religion, so I ask that everyone that wants to stand for what is right to sign the petition to have prayer back in public schools.

The A.C.L.U. organization has lied to the American people when it comes to the part about the separation of church and state. The A.C.L.U. has tried to change the meaning of this by saying that the church has no part in government. But what our Constitution plainly stated is that the state has no control over what the church does, so therefore the A.C.L.U. has twisted and perverted our Constitution in order for them to discriminate against Christian people that love God.

The most discriminated against people in America are Christian people, and our politicians have no backbone to stand against this organization called the A.C.L.U..

Since prayer and the Ten Commandments have been taken out of public schools, this nation has lost its morals and has raised a generation that does not honor their father and mother. The reason there is so much violence in public schools is because they were not taught “Thou shalt not kill.” The reason we have so many politicians that lie to the American people is because they were not taught “Thou shalt not bear false witness.”

Instead of teaching safe sex in public schools they need to teach the truth that there is no safe sex outside of marriage, and marriage is between one man and one woman and they need to be taught “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

Our people need to know that there are consequences to not keeping God’s commandments. Sin is a reproach to any people, and all the nations that forget God shall be turned into hell.


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