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Started Christmas shopping yet?

Hello everyone!

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? It will be here before we know it. This morning I could feel a touch of fall in the air. The fog was so bad in the area where I live that it was way after nine in the morning before it lifted.

I was supposed to go someplace. I cancelled my plans as I didn’t want to drive with such limited visibility.

I really hate to see the end of summer as I know after that comes the beautiful fall season and the cold of winter. I think from December until May are some bleak months.

The mimosa trees are in their final stage at the present time. I’ve been fortunate this year as I’ve had two mimosa trees to bloom. Although the blooms were scarce, they were still beautiful.

There’s a pink lily that is referred to as a Naked Lady. The leaves will come up, then die and the flower will appear. It is growing in different places in people’s yards. I would love to have a start of this plant. If I had my way, I wouldn’t have any grass, just plants and trees. I want a crepe myrtle in every color, plus I would love to have some hydrangeas also.

Well, I must like my car as today the odometer turned 3,000 miles. Of course I put almost 500 when I went to Hyden over the weekend.

As my thoughts ponder over the events of the Osborne Brothers 25th Homecoming Festival, I believe this was one of the cleanest festivals that I’ve gone to in a long time. What I really liked most, first off there weren’t dogs running around sniff- ing at your feet and legs, and there wasn’t any drinking of alcohol, or at least it wasn’t in public. So many times eastern Kentucky is associated with moonshine or some sort of alcohol.

I enjoyed all the bands. I must say Sunrise Ridge is number one reason that I wanted to go, then of course another favorite, Larry Efaw & The Bluegrass Mountaineers. I can’t leave out a local band from northern Kentucky, Crossroads, that I enjoyed very much. I hadn’t seen this band in a few years.

Bobby Osborne’s band, as everyone knows, is great, and the reason for the drawing of the crowd. Without this great performer there would be no Osborne Brothers Festival. It was really good to see Bobby having three of his sons in the band. If you closed your eyes, listening to his son play the banjo, it was as if Sonny Osborne was picking that five string.

Dean Osborne is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet anywhere. Not only is Dean a good musician, he is a great person. He was so tired that he couldn’t hardly go with the heat and all the responsibilities. Dean still kept a smile and had time to have patience to spend a few minutes with anyone who happened by. He is so good with the younger generation. Not everyone promotes young people and will help them in the music venue. As I said before, I met Dean Osborne several years ago. He hasn’t changed a bit from the first day I saw and heard him play at Down Home Mountain Days in Dayton, Ohio.

I am sorry to say this is only the second time that I’ve had the utmost pleasure to attend this great festival, however if God grants me the privilege of living another year I will be there again next year.

I attended Bill Monroe’s Bean Blossom Festival for several years. I love the nostalgic surroundings. For some reason, I haven’t gone there in several years. Larry Efaw and the Bluegrass Mountaineers are performing there in September so I may just head that way again. For several years Bean Blossom Festival was the same weekend of my little Letcher County Picnic here in Harrison, Ohio.

If Old Time Fiddlers wasn’t scheduled Sunday afternoon, I would be heading for Campbell’s Branch and Carcassonne Community Center. I still may do it. Depends on how I feel between now and then.

Old Time Fiddlers is just a memory now. We had one of the smallest attendance of musicians that we’ve had since I have been president of the club. Thanks to James Hurst and Marilee Egge for entertaining our group. Marilee brought fresh produce from her garden to share. I brought home a few little yellow tomatoes for my son Keith Ballard. There was enough food to feed a small army. I jokingly said no matter what the occasion there’s always plenty of food.

Happy anniversary to Johnny and Ann Calihan August 16. This makes 71 years for this wonderful couple who are like family to me. These two have had their share of heartaches over the years, and more the past few months. Still their faith in God never waivers, and their love for each other and their family has always been as strong as steel and solid as a rock. They even have a little love to share with me. I love to tease their children occasionally by saying that Ann held me as a baby long before they came along.

Yes, I still find it rather ironic how time came full circle for these two wonderful people to be in my life.

Johnny and Ann’s daughter Sue Wagner is back with her parents for an extended stay as Sue has to have some tests done. From the time plane landed, Sue hit the ground running, so to speak, as she got to her parents’, rested a tad bit, then on to her daughter’s to help with the preemie twins as they had doctor’s appointments.

Sue has heath issues and just keeps on going. I am glad she had the strength when she was in for her last visit to spend sometime with my daughter Angie and my sidekick Bennie Wiederhold. Bennie really enjoyed the Bright Festival, the rides and the parade, especially when they were throwing out candy for everyone.

Johnny and Ann’s daughter Carol Dieckman had surgery on her foot. She spent a few days in the hospital and is home now. I hope Carol is doing better.

Ann’s brother Hubert Caudill is having health issues, also. Hubert is like me in so many ways, no matter where life has taken Hubert, as he spent several years in the service, the little spot of eastern Kentucky, Kingscreek, Roxana and surrounding area has always stayed in his heart and soul. Hubert, I hope if you are reading this, you and your sisters Ann and Lavonne will be able to make it to the mountains one more time before winter. You never know who may show up.

Saturday night , my daughter Anna and her husband Scott Nottingham, along with Katelyn and Kyle and my daughter Angie and Bennie Wiederhold went on an adventure. Scott and Anna went camping at Caesar Creek Campground. Scott and Anna had a popup camper for a few years, then sold it, bought a fivewheel camper, which was huge and beautiful. They finally sold it as gas got so expensive, and they weren’t using it. Now they have a nice tent and air mattresses. This was the first time they’ve used them, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. There was some kind of meteorite show, so they chose this campsite to observe. Angie hasn’t been camping since she was a teenager, and this was Bennie’s first experience of camping.

Anna and her family went somewhere and stayed in a teepee. Now the kids weren’t too thrilled with that venture. Scott and Anna have camped in the dead of the winter with the Scouts.

Now I will just camp in my car where I can lock my doors, and keep my camping activities for a bluegrass festival.

It truly breaks my heart that Whitesburg Motel was closed. Oh I know the owner said he was tired. Well, we all get tired, that is what hired help is for! However I can understand that was a huge sum of money, and everyone loves money. Why couldn’t the motel be sold to someone that could keep it as a motel? What about the people who pack the place for family reunions? There’s no place for people who travel through Whitesburg to stay. I am sure there are other buildings that could have been used for special doctors’ offices.

With the prison being built at Roxana, there are going to be families that will be visiting the inmates. This would have brought people from all over. Let me make one thing clear, parents and family still love their family no matter what the crime that’s been committed. This also means more business for restaurants also.

Hello to Les and Pat Wagner, as they have been busy canning half runner green beans and tomatoes.

Please keep your calendar marked. Letcher Co. Picnic, Harrison Community Center Community, 300 George St., Harrison, Ohio, September 29, 12-? Please bring a covered dish and a drink. This will be held at the big shelter behind the Community Center. For information, please call 513-526-8512. Someone please remind Wayne Blair of Connersville, Ind., about this event as he forgot it last year. Maybe some of the Whitaker family will see this and stop by.

Hello to my cousin Tony Shepherd and Faye Shepherd. Please remember to check out Faye’s Alterations & Tux Rentals, 5076 Hwy. 15, Whitesburg. Faye carries a brand of baby clothes, Bonnie Baby and Mud Pie Kids. Faye is an excellent seamstress. Melody Gilley does a great job with shirts also.

Well, it is time for me to get busy. Until next time. Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030. email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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