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Starting to feel like fall is here

Blair Branch

Bailey Couch celebrated his 12th birthday on August 21. He is the son of Michael and Alana Jo Couch of Blair Branch, and has a younger brother, Dalton. He is the grandson of Allen and Sylvania Whitaker of Blair Branch, and Leo and Judy Couch of Busy. He is the great-grandson of Freda Eversole of Busy.

Bailey Couch celebrated his 12th birthday on August 21. He is the son of Michael and Alana Jo Couch of Blair Branch, and has a younger brother, Dalton. He is the grandson of Allen and Sylvania Whitaker of Blair Branch, and Leo and Judy Couch of Busy. He is the great-grandson of Freda Eversole of Busy.

Hello all! I hope this finds each of you happy and healthy.

How do y’all feel about this change in the weather that we have been having? Personally, I am absolutely loving it. Sitting on the porch this evening, listening to the sounds of all the little critters here in the mountains, I thought to myself, “I wish it could be like this year round.“ I simply adore fall. It is my favorite time of the year, hands down.

I know it isn’t technically fall just yet, but it sure has felt like it. I’ve really enjoyed being able to shut the air conditioner off, open all the windows, and let the fresh air in.

Every year when the air starts to turn cool, it reminds me of the fun times James and I used to have when we were little. We would rake all the leaves from the yard into a pile and spend hours jumping around in them or gather up some old clothes and stuff the leaves into them to make a scarecrow with a pumpkin head. We had so much fun!

I really enjoyed this little quote I found the other day, seems fitting for this weather.

“Listen! The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves. We have had our summer evenings, now for October eves!” Humbert Wolfe

Fitting, eh?

I was going through Mom’s old photo albums the other day and found some neat photos of our family making molasses years ago. My favorite was one with Grandpa Amos in it. I haven’t been to a stir-off in a long time, but enjoyed going the few times I did. I’m not certain it was actually the making of the molasses I liked, even though it is a neat process, but more just spending the day catching up with neighbors, family, and friends.

As far as eating it, I’m not crazy about plain ol’ molasses, but I sure can put a hurting on gingerbread. Instead of that saying, “What would you do for a Klondike bar?” It should be, “What would you do for a piece of gingerbread?”

Holliday Farms near Hazard looks like a fun place to visit this time of year. I hope to take the boys to pick out a couple pumpkins soon. Even if Bailey thinks he is too old for such things.

Speaking of Bailey, he really is growing up on me. He celebrated his 12th birthday on Aug. 21. It doesn’t seem possible.

Where does time go? Seems like yesterday he was a squishy little baby. Now here he is, almost as tall as me, growing into a fine young man. He is so smart and incredibly funny. I’m very proud to call him mine.

The memorial service and reunion at the John Riley Blair/Henry Adams cemetery on Sept. 1 was a success. There was a spiritfilled church service that morning, a potluck dinner on the grounds around noon, an auction, and a washer tournament.

Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves. On behalf of the family, I’d like to thank everyone who brought food, gave donations, or just came out to spend the day with us.

The boys and I were really enjoying ourselves until Dalton slipped on some slick rocks, fell, and cut his head. He absolutely scared me to death. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t had several nurses in the family who were able to keep themselves together until we saw that he was okay. I tend to panic when it is my child.

Needless to say, we spent all evening in the ER. Thankfully, he didn’t need stitches, just antibiotics in case of infection. He is all healed up now, and back to normal.

I was glad that Laramie Adams was able to attend. He sure has had it rough the last few months, but thank God, he is doing better now.

Wilma Halcomb was in ICU at Pikeville recently. She gave us a scare, but seems to be on the mend.

Edna Helton has been having some problems with a hernia and was in the hospital recently, also.

Dad and Mom, Allen and Sylvania Whitaker, are both doing well. Mom had an appointment with the transplant team not long ago, and her kidney was working perfectly. I am so very thankful to God for His blessing. It is wonderful to have my mom healthy again.

Continue to pray for my uncle Roger Whitaker as he is still on dialysis. I know how hard that can be on a person. He still has a little trouble with his leg, but otherwise seems to be okay and full of laughs as usual.

My sister, Opal Jent, was sick this weekend with a migraine. She said she is feeling better now, but it about got the best of her.

Steven and Beth Pratt welcomed a new little angel into this world on August 30, at 1:30 p.m. Audrey Lane Pratt weighed in a 7 pounds, 13 ounces and was 21 inches long. Audrey has an older sister, Maggie, who is 2½ years old.

Beth is a daughter of Danna and Benjamin Smith, and Steven is the son of Steve and Barb Pratt. The middle name, Lane, was chosen after Danna’s late brother, Jimmy Lane ‘Jake’ Adams. Congratulations!

Gardner Allen Jent and Kaleb Joyner Albers celebrated their birthdays on Sept. 5; Della Blair, Sept. 6; Aiden James Adams, Sept. 7; Maisie Adams, Lonis Morris, Tracy Snowden, and Vette Blair Caudill, Sept. 14; Lois Blair and Lori Caudill Wells, Sept. 15; and Dillon Ford Watts, Sep. 17. Chalena Williams and Joy Watts will celebrate their birthdays on Sept. 20; Shirley Price Bullock and Emily Buchanan, Sept. 21; Lyndci Adams Gilliam, Sept. 23; and Linda Halcomb Cormicon and Savannah Albers, Sept. 24.

Happy birthday to each of you. I hope your day is special and filled with lots of love and laughter.

The West Letcher Oral History Society needs your help in our endeavor to record the stories passed down through the generations. Our parents and grandparents had a wealth of information about many events that they shared in the form of stories shared with us as we grew up. Let’s not let these stories (facts) be forgotten and that is where you can help. Future generations are not going to know these stories unless we preserve them.

Some of the events we are working on are: mining deaths (whether for coal companies or in ‘coal banks’), the floods — 1927, 1957 etc., the Great Depression, wars — World War I and II, Korean conflict, Vietnam, and Gulf War.

These are just a few of the things we have thought about; feel free to send us your stories concerning these things as well as any other story you think we could use. We appreciate your help in preserving these stories. Mail your story to: Blackey Public Library, P.O. Box 337 Blackey, KY 41804. Our next meeting will be on Sept. 23, at the Blackey Public Library, at 6 p.m. We will be discussing floods, mining deaths, and obituaries. We’d love to have you there.

Dixon Memorial Old Regular Baptist Church will have a memorial of deceased members on Sept. 29. There will be a potluck dinner after the church services. Everyone is invited to attend.

If I have left anyone or anything out, just let me know and I will be glad you get you next time. I hope everyone has a healthy and happy week. If you would like to contact me, feel free to give me a call or you may email me at alanacouch@hotmail.com.

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