Whitesburg KY

State officials let AEP do ‘anything they want’ when raising our rates

To the Editor:

Is anyone listening?

Does anyone hear the voices of eastern Kentucky?

Does anyone care?

Where are the politicians who took an oath to uphold “all” the people, not just some of the people?

Eastern Kentucky has been hit so hard with the government taking away almost all of the coalmining jobs. It’s so sad to see men and women losing their jobs, homes and their way of life. All these people want to do is take care of their families.

Now if that’s not enough, here comes AEP (Kentucky Power) with their high prices and extra add-on fees. People, we have had enough!

The commissioners have been appointed to set regulations for AEP, but they have let AEP do anything they want to.

The commissioners are not for the people, they are for the company. There are no other power companies that the customers have to pay for the company’s retirement, Big Sandy’s clean up, and require all other extra costs. AEP is ripping us off!

There are people all over eastern Kentucky hurting, who can’t pay their electric bills.

I heard a story recently about a teenage boy here in eastern Kentucky. When he came back from Christmas break and was talking with his friends, the question was asked, “What did you get for Christmas?” He replied, “My family and I got our electricity turned back on.”

Also, I was told from a single mother of three children, that she had to choose to pay rent or her electric bill. She chose to keep a roof over her children’s head. She could sit in the dark, but her children had to have shelter.

What a choice people are having to make to survive. How sad these real events are, and these are just the tip of the iceburg.

The county judge, magistrates and representatives have tried to get eastern Kentucky some relief, but their voices were not heard.

What can we do? We can let our voices be heard. We can bombard Matt Bevin’s office, the Public Commissioners’ office and AEP.

Call Matt Bevin’s office and ask to speak to Tom Summers. The number is 1-502-564-3940.

We all need to speak with AEP as well. Please call Jacob Colley, 1-606-437-3790.

We must stand together and let our voices be heard and try to help all the people in eastern Kentucky get some sort of relief with these outrageous electric bills. Someone needs to be held accountable for all these added-on fees and high rates.

We need each other’s help. Please do what you can.

God bless each of you, and thank you for your help.


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