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State police list 22 spots for possible roadblocks

State police list 22 possible roadblock sites here

Kentucky State Police have identified 22 locations in Letcher County where periodic traffic safety checkpoints may be held in the coming weeks and months.

Officials with KSP Post 13 in Hazard announced this week that the safety checkpoints will also be conducted in the other four counties in its coverage area — Knott, Perry, Breathitt and Leslie Counties.

They say the safety checkpoints are conducted to promote safety for motorists using the public roadways and to provide a deterrent for those who violate laws contained in the Kentucky Revised Statutes. The checkpoints will be held in accordance with the Kentucky State Police Policy and Procedures Manual, the officials added.

The 22 possible locations for traffic safety checkpoints in Letcher County are:

• KY 15, Dry Fork – Auto Parts.

• US 119, 1/10th mile North of KY 805 Junction

• KY 160, Kings Creek – Freewill Baptist Church

• KY 7 North/KY 931 Junction — Colson Baptist Church

• KY 160, 1/10th mile south of Hollybush Road, Premium

• KY 317, Deane — Isaac Lumber Company

• KY 805, Kona — 3/10th mile North of Junction KY 805 and US 119 (Straight)

• KY 7 South, Jeremiah-Letcher area, 5 miles south of the junction of KY 7 and KY 15

• KY 7 South, Ulvah — junction of KY 7 south and KY 1103

• KY 160, Gordon — 200 feet south of the junction of KY 160 and KY 463

• US 119, Partridge — 1/10th mile north of the Letcher- Harlan County lines

• US 23, Jenkins — 8/10th mile north of the junction of US 23 and KY 805, where US 23 passes over KY 805

• KY 806, Eolia — at Arlie Boggs Elementary School

• Junction of KY 1862 & KY 2545, Millstone

• KY 805 in Haymond at E.B. Wright Drive

• KY 343 at McRoberts’ Post Office

• KY 7South Junction with Spring Branch in Jeremiah Community

• KY 931 North, Sandlick Road near Whitesburg at old Power Substation

• DRY FORK AREA — Junction of KY 588 and 3401

• DRY FORK AREA — Junction KY 588 and Boney Banks Cemetery Road

• KY 15X and Westwood subdivision, Whitesburg

• US 119, Whitesburg — North in front of Howard’s Carpet and Tinseltown

If you are traveling to and from Hazard or Lexington, you may encounter traffic safety checks at one or more of the following locations on KY 15:

BREATHITT COUNTY — KY 15 at Ned, just North of milepost 1.018 in front of Western Branch Diesel; KY 15-KY 1812 in Jackson at milepost 16.750; KY 15 at Vancleve, 2/10ths mile north of milepost 25.086; KY 15, 1 mile South of milepost 14.629 in front of Kentucky River Community Care; KY 15, 8/10ths mile north Perry-Breathitt County line, and KY 15 North at Junction of KY 3193, Wolverine Road

KNOTT COUNTY — KY 15, Thunder Valley (Carr Fork Lake)

PERRY COUNTY — Ky 15 and KY. 1095 intersection at the entrance to Vicco; Ky. 15 at Jeff, .3 miles South of the intersection of Jim Combs Trail; KY 15 N. at Grapevine between mile post 19.459 and 20.735

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