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State’s education chief is forced to resign

“Coversation and get some good heads around the table and figure out what that looks like.”

Pruitt’s resignation and replacement comes as the Department of Education is in the middle of a grueling audit of the Jefferson County Public Schools, one of the largest public school districts in the country. The long-anticipated audit is expected to recommend changes for the district, which could include a takeover by the state.

John “Bam” Carney, the Republican chairman of the state House Education Committee, said he believed Pruitt was forced out because he refused to recommend a state takeover of the district, instead offering state assistance.

“I think that certainly was a factor,” Carney said, adding he did not agree with the decision to force Pruitt out. He said many of his Republican colleagues agree.

Pruitt declined to discuss the audit with reporters before his resignation. Lewis said he knew “absolutely nothing” about the audit and said it would be a “top priority”

“I can’t imagine being in a school district and waiting that long to hear something about what my future is going to look like,” Lewis said. “That’s not fair to the district, not fair to the kids.”

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