Whitesburg KY

Stay in and stay warm

Hello everyone. Hoping all are having a safe, healthy, happy new year. Hard to believe it is 2016. Years ago it seems like it was too far in the future and now here we age.

It’s starting to sprinkle snow as I am writing this and temperatures are dropping. Stay in and stay warm.

Happy birthday to Jesslyn Robinson who will be four years old Jan. 18. She is the great-granddaughter of Audrey Hammonds.

Marty Allen Fields would have been 42 on Jan. 19. All your family still miss you and think of you often. A life taken too soon at 16 years of age, R.I.P.

Tonya Fields will be 21 on Jan. 21. Happy birthday. Brantlee Gibson will be two years old on Jan. 23. Happy birthday and lots of fun.

Muncy Huff died four years ago on Jan. 25 and John Edison Combs died two years ago on Jan. 25. Both are missed by all who knew them.

Happy birthday to Dwight Harvey, who will be 39 on Jan. 29. He is the son of Sue and Kenny Harvey. Happy birthday to Helen Cooper on Jan. 29. Happy birthday to Astor Fields Jr. on Jan. 30. Olivia Seniours will be 12 years old on Jan. 30.

Dorothy Jean Miles died two years ago on Jan. 29 and is still missed by all, and my Aunt Mary Ellen Fields Blanken died two years ago on Jan. 30. She is still missed by all of us.

Feels so good getting over the flu and getting strength back and being able to go back to church. I hate to miss church so much. It makes a person weak spiritually.

Well, folks did not think I could live without Internet, especially Facebook. I have managed to for about two weeks and probably for a little while longer. It is very hard to go without Facebook, but it can be done. LOL.

Prayer requests this week: Morris Hackney, Hager Trent, Amber Trent Jackson, Linda Brown, Irene and Eugene Day, Mike and Becky Campbell, Glenda and Richard Brown, Misty and Farrah Combs, Jeanne and Frank Adams, Ruth and Darrell Holbrook, Brenda Slone and her family, Lonnie Mullins, Print Sturgill, Faye Lowe, all my neighbors, friends and family.

Big Cowan

My son Chad and family recently went to Florida. Temperatures were in the 80’s and they loved it. Back home was cold and rainy. Glad they made it there and back safely. Mike is still liking Indiana and is doing good.

It was good to see Marlene Cornett again. I had not seen her for a little bit. I did not realize she knew most of my family and I know some of hers. Really a small world.

Well folks, have a great week. Attend the church of your choice. Keep someone in prayer.

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