Whitesburg KY

Stella Dixon home from visit to Michigan

Carol Barker of Georgia, died July 27. She was the wife of Eddie Barker, formerly of Elk Creek. She fell and broke her leg and when she came out of surgery she was in a coma and then died. Carol was 53. My sympathy to the family. Eddie is the son of the late Boonie and Inez Barker.

Happy birthday to Craig Abbinanti of Carcassonne. His birthday is on July 31. And happy birthday to his daughter, my great-niece Ava Golden. She will be five on August 13. Her mom is Jessica Dixon. Ava’s grandparents are Terry and David Dixon of Carcassonne, Janice Reed of Whitesburg, and Victor Abbinanti of California.

Stella Dixon of Blackey, came home from Michigan on Saturday. She was visiting with her son, Greg, and his family and ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. Her son, Larry, went to bring her and Judy home. I’m sure she is glad to be back.

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