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Stella Elam is DAR Valentine Sweetheart


NEW SOCKS — Cowan Head Start students recently visited Shoe Show and selected new socks. They were learning about warm bodies including warm feet during the cold weather.

NEW SOCKS — Cowan Head Start students recently visited Shoe Show and selected new socks. They were learning about warm bodies including warm feet during the cold weather.

The Pine Mountain Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution met for the February meeting at the Pine Mountain Grill on Feb. 12 at noon. The following members were present: Shirley Whitaker, Nina Craft, Betty Horn, Linda Lucas, Virginia Brown, Elsie Banks, Stella Elam, Mahala Frazier, Kaye Moore, Anne Reynolds, Patsy Nanz, Sally Caudill and Ruby June Caudill.

The main event was honoring our treasurer, Stella Elam, as the Valentine Sweetheart of the Year. Stella was presented with a dozen red roses and Ruby June Caudill (who has a wonderful talent for writing poetry) presented Stella with the following poem:

“The time is here, dear friends, in which we all take part.

In that momentous and crucial decision

Who is the Pine Mountain Chapter DAR Sweetheart?

We’ve several here to choose from,

There’s Shirley, Sally and Ann.

They’re all devoted daughters,

And help wherever they can.

Marlene, our devoted driver,

And secretary too.

Betty, our unswerving ex- Regent,

There’s nothing she wouldn’t do.

And Patsy Nanz, who shares her home,

With Christmas cheer and fun.

Marsha, Sarah and Dora do their part.

Why, our Sweetheart could be either one.

Mahala, Elsie and Virginia,

Devoted, ready and handy.

Or Nina with her quiet reserve,

And her special tray of candy.

Either could be our Sweetheart,

I think you would agree.

It could be Kaye who represents us well,

Or it could even be me.

But there’s another in our midst,

She is our chosen one.

Ready and willing for any task,

And she shares with us, her son.

We’re proud she’s in our chapter.

A valuable member is she. She balances our books and money,

And does it all for free.

So now you know our secret.

She’s a deserving ‘Jolly Good Fellow!’

I present our 2009 Sweetheart,

Our treasured treasurer, Stella!”

The widows of former lodge members wish to thank the Whitesburg Masonic Lodge for the delicious meal they prepared and served to them on Valentine’s Day. The lodge dining room was beautifully decorated and the men did a wonderful job preparing and serving about 20 women. The beautiful red roses presented to each one present was especially appreciated. They appreciate the thoughtfulness of the lodge members.

Calvin Ross Miller, son of Samantha Parker and Ben Miller of Massachusetts, had his first birthday on Jan. 31. He is the grandson of Charles and Helen Doris Miller of Cowan and Roy and Christine Parker of South Carolina, and great-grandson of Earl and Juanita Profitt. Calvin received some teddy bears, which he loves to cuddle.

Folks of Hampton Branch and Little Cowan, along with Roger and Shelia Brown of Clintwood, Va., want to say hello to Deanna and Sean in Portland, Ore. We hope that Deanna had a happy birthday on Feb. 14, and that Sean baked her a cake.

Happy 14th birthday to Forester Finchum of Louisville on Feb. 21. He is the son of Michael and Ramona Combs Finchum.

Yvonne Sutphin Brown of Lynchburg, Va., is visiting her sister, Linda Combs and others this week. She attended Little Cowan Primitive Baptist Church on Sunday.

Dustin and Jenna Crawford of Indianapolis, are enjoying visiting New York City this past long weekend.

Remember in your prayers the families of Bob Pennington, James Breeding and Marjorie Collier (Catherine Banks’s sister) who died recently.

After missing several weeks due to weather and sickness, the Bible study group was happy to get together again at the home of Jack and Bessie Day.

Robert and Sherry Brown, Bradley and Joseph, all came from Tennessee to attend church and visit their granny, Virginia Brown.

The Cowan Homemakers met at the community center. Linda Combs was the hostess and everyone enjoyed the Valentine-themed meeting.

Cowan Head Start has spent these cold weeks learning about warm heads, warm hands, warm feet, and warm bodies. Each child received a nice toboggan and gloves from Shirley Sexton and Grayson. They also enjoyed a field trip to Shoe Show where they got to choose new socks.

Cowan and Letcher Elementary Schools are participating in the Passing the Pick and Bow afterschool program. This is a program teaching traditional mountain music using the guitar, banjo, and fiddle. Lessons will be provided at the Cowan Community Center on Thursdays from 3:30 to 5 p.m. for ages 10 through 14 years. There will also be opportunities for social activities. For more information, contact Stacy Dollarhide at 633-3187.

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