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Stepping on a few toes

After reading about the preacher having to interrupt his sermon to quiet a young child who had gotten out of hand (too noisy), I did a lot of meditating on the article and figured that I might as well step on a few toes.

First of all, if that preacher was being anointed from on high, he wouldn’t have been distracted by one of God’s little angels because God would have had control over his thoughts. I hardly think that would have included the chastising of one that already belongs to Him, by a mortal man.

On the other hand, if he was preaching from a paper sermon (written by himself ), he would no doubt have kept losing his place. But that wouldn’t have been preaching anyway, because anyone could stand before a congregation and read from a text if they weren’t illiterate, but not everyone can preach.

Some who are illiterate can preach, because God will give them what they need to say. He said, “Go and I will go with you, open your mouth and I will fill it.”

That preacher should have been willing to offer himself as a living sacrifice and trust the Lord to elevate his mind and give him what he needs to say and what needs to be heard.

It would have been so much more acceptable if he had finished speaking or bowed out gracefully and not made a fool of himself. Then he could quietly and politely ask the parent or parents to have a heart-toheart talk with the little one in private, instead of making them wish they could crawl under the carpet to hide from all the eyes looking down their noses at them as if they were trash.

I realize we have to have a reasonable amount of order in the church, but if that had happened to me I would not have darkened their doorway again.

Not all churches have a nursery for the little ones, and yet parents are urged to bring their children to church with them. Adults shouldn’t expect children to act as adults. By the same token, a child often shows more love and compassion than adults do.

Some so-called Christians think as long as their name is on the page of some church book, and they add to the amount in the church treasury every Sunday, that they are on their way home, and they certainly are — but the wrong direction.

A church is not meant to be only for the Christian people. It is supposed to be as a beacon on a hill to draw sinners to it so they may hear something which may cause them to glorify the Father and show them the right way to go, and let them understand that there is a Heaven to gain and a hell to shun.

And that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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