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Steven Hampton was friend to all

Today, February 26, was my son Steven’s birth date, but instead of wishing him a happy birthday I put flowers on his grave because his life was cut short on December 15, ten days before Christmas. My daughter went with me and remembered how joyful it had been just having Steven as a friend and a brother.

He tried to be a friend to everyone he met, but many times people took advantage of him because he had a heart of gold. But having a heart of gold wasn’t enough to keep death away. He trusted and he lost the battle.

He would always try to help the little, the lowly, the underdog, no matter who it was because he felt that was what God wanted him to do. And I thank God for sending me a humble son like Steven. He would have been 42 today.

I never question the will of God even if I don’t understand why, because the One I serve raised the dead. He will destroy the wicked and reward those who serve Him.

Everyone knows or should know that you can’t serve two masters, and if you are not serving God you are serving the devil as I once did. But 37 years ago I got a new heart and a new pair of eyes.

I always taught Steven that if he would look long and hard he could find some good in everyone and that is the way he lived his life. He trusted everyone and tried to be their friend. If they wouldn’t be his friend, he just left them to live in their own misery, and anyone who doesn’t want friends is most miserable. I have reminded my children and grandchildren that they would pay a heavy price if I heard them making fun of anyone else, young or old.

Steven was not perfect, but neither is anyone else. Ninety-five percent of the people living do make mistakes and the other five percent are liars for saying they don’t make mistakes.

Steven had something a lot of people need but don’t have and never will, and that is compassion.

That’s all from the funny farm ‘til next time.

Contributing writer Relon Hampton lives at Premium.

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