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Hello again, everyone!

Time is passing fast. It seems like we had Christmas just a few days ago, then a new year started. We are into the second month of the new year.

It could be that I left my Christmas tree up a little longer than usual. My brother, Richie Hall, said I should take it out and burn it. I don’t think so. I am seriously thinking about putting up a small tree then decorating it with Valentines.

Happy birthday to my sweet sister-in-law, Wanda Hall, Feb. 5. This woman stays so busy I don’t know how she remembers her own birthday.

Happy birthday Feb. 6 to a set of twins, Bobby Dixon and Carolyn Dixon Ison of Indianapolis. Carolyn is married to Coeburn Ison, an ex-teacher and basketball coach from Kingdom Come High School. Carolyn is a cousin to Shirley Wells.

Happy birthday to my son-inlaw, Clarence Gray and to Douglas Bryant Feb. 9. Doug is a brother to Betty Bryant Kelly of Franklin, Ohio. Happy birthday to Doyle Ison Feb. 12. I am really glad to call Betty and Doyle Ison my friends. It never seems to amaze me when I think of all the people from the mountains of Kentucky that have settled so close to each other in this area.

The connection to Johnny and Ann Calihan will always be special to me because of Mommy, Ora Adams Hall. The same with Polly Ann Ison Maucher. Our dad, Clayton Hall, worked for their dad, George Ison, in the log woods. I remember Polly when I was a young girl at Roxana. I also remember some of Polly’s older brothers a little, and I remember two of her younger brothers, Doug and Michael Ison. Sadie Ison, Lil and Judy Ison’s daughter, was older than me, but she was nice to me when I was little. Sadie told me her nephew said when we going to Mill Branch School I clobbered him with a couple of cornstalks because he was picking on my brother, Wallace Lee Hall. That episode I don’t remember!

My sister, Loretta Church, who is in Letcher Manor Nursing Home, has to go to Lexington for some surgery the last of February. This woman has had her share of health problems. It makes me realize how lucky I am.

My brother, Wallace Lee Hall, and his wife, Georgia, are both in Letcher Manor. They are doing fairly well.

My good friend, Betty Ison, has been under the weather for a spell, as they used to say back in the mountains. I hope she is feeling better very soon.

I haven’t heard from Betty and Barefoot Bill Kelly to see how their daughter is getting along.

I have been very sick myself. The doctor gave me two different antibiotics. I have heard what doesn’t kill you will make you strong. These horrible tasting antibiotics are enough to kill me.

Monie Cornett is home from the hospital and is doing well. She is still sore and banged up. Her son, Devon, is a big help to his mom. Hello to Devon. Monie’s husband, Collin Cornett, has been really supportive during this horrible time in their lives. Monie is such a lucky girl to survive this wreck. All her family and friends are really thankful God spared her life. Richie said from the moment he heard she was in the accident if anyone would pull through Monie would because she is a fighter.

Emma Engle, when you are back in the Cincinnati area give me a call. I live about 20 miles west of Cincinnati. You are probably like I am, when I go to the mountains I make plans to see different ones but by the time I visit with my family, there isn’t enough time left over.

My granddaughter, Jennifer Proctor, had a late birthday party for my little great-grandson, T.J. Proctor. A nice crowd attended. Jennifer bought a cake with Thomas the Train on it. This cake had a track around it and the train rolled around on it. T.J. received lots of nice gifts. As if he needed one more toy!

Saturday I baby-sat for T.J. and my great-granddaughter Samantha Jo. T.J. was such a good baby. He is walking and eats regular food, he only takes part of a bottle when he goes to bed at night and a little when he wakes up in the morning.

Samantha is six years old. She was a big help to me while I was taking care of them. I was sick and laid on the couch while T.J. played. Jennifer has her house childproof. He will try to get the phone, other than that he just played with his toys. Jennifer’s 14-year-old brother, Jamie, relieved me about 4 p.m. Jennifer had to work a double shift; she had to work from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. That is one Saturday night I was in bed at 6:30 p.m.

I went with my friend, Linda Hollan, to a church on Chappelow Ridge in Indiana. This is a small church. I really like it, though they don’t believe in wearing pants, and no television. Linda sings and she has such a beautiful voice.

Belated happy birthday wishes to my little grandson, Bennie Weiderhold, who was one year old Jan. 30. My daughter, Angie Weiderhold, had two parties for him as there were problems and everyone couldn’t come at the same time.

Bennie is starting to stand up. He is such a good baby to watch. He really loves music. Each time he watches KET with me, he will bounce up and down to the music and clap his hands. If Bennie is in his chair he will tap one foot in time to the music; he also loves the blues part of KET. As I listen to WMMT on the computer, he watches cartoons and still listens to the music.

Richie gets a kick out of how excited he gets while listening to music. As I listen I will sing and he tries to sing too. Do I sound like I enjoy my grandson? Should you should encounter a personal problem, find a baby to take care of and you sure won’t dwell on anything else.

Gwen Huff Farmer got to take a surprise trip to Arkansas to visit her son, Forest Farmer, and his family. A friend of Gwen’s called and said she was heading that way, so she picked Gwen up. A good time was had by everyone. Gwen was worn out trying to get ready in a hurry.

When I went to visit her, I think I recall she kept several things in a suitcase in preparation for trips to her son’s who lived in Chicago Heights at the time.

Shirley Wells gets to sleep in a little now since she is taking a break from baby-sitting for a while. Shirley and her son, Buddy Wells, enjoy going out for supper together.

My son Keith is really liking his job at JTM. I am so proud of him. Keith is a good worker. He says he does miss being a construction worker.

Hello to my two of my favorite readers, Bruce and Levine Jones. I hope this finds you guys doing okay.

My anonymous friends are doing alright.

Hello to Daisy in Missouri. I really enjoy hearing from you. Remember, senior citizens are more valuable than any of the younger generation. We have silver in our hair, gold in our teeth, we have stones in our kidneys, we have lead in our feet and we are loaded with natural gas.

I have to get this on its way. As usual I have waited until the last minute. Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, (513) 367-4682.

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