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Still waiting for the cable guy

To the Editor:

TVS Cable Update: After TVS failed to show up for the fourth appointment, I received a call from Miss Doolittle assuring me that the cable guy would be out Tuesday, Feb. 12, at 1:30, which I think would be the fifth appointment.

It is hard to remember since they have given me CRS from all the missed appointments. I am glad they aren’t in charge of doctor appointments or one would surely be dead before being seen.

Miss Doolittle also assured me that I wasn’t being charged for Internet service until they actually hooked it up. This was a fact that I already assumed, but still didn’t help much since the money had been in TVS’s bank account since Jan. 23 and not my own.

The appointment on Feb. 12 never happened either, but I did have an incoming call at 2:20 that day that showed up on the caller ID, but there was no message on the answering machine as to why they called an hour after the appointment while I was in the yard watching for a TVS truck to appear. However, earlier that day I did see three TVS service vehicles around 1:00. One was on Colley sitting on a wide spot beside the road in his truck. I thought he might have been busy planning the trip, which is about three miles away, to hook up my Internet. I saw two TVS vehicles in the parking lot at IGA at 1:05 and got really enthusiastic that they may be getting closer to the house, so I rushed on back to the house and waited till about 3:30 as all the previous appointments.

I did get woken up Wednesday morning at 8:42 a.m. by a call from one of the four TVS numbers, but they did not leave a message on the answering machine as to why they called. They have four different numbers, one being for each three counties they are supposed to serve, but I have not figured why they have the fourth one. Of course I have called it also, but only got a recording.

I have made at least nine different calls to three of these four numbers and got to talk to a human three of those times. They don’t call me back at this point in time for some reason, which may be due to some kind of personal grudge now.

I, being a meek, nonviolent, all-around nice guy, have changed my answering machine message and dedicated it to receive any incoming TVS messages. As follows: “Hello, this answering machine is for incoming TVS messages only. Please hang up if you are not TVS and call back next month. By then I may have my TVS service hooked up.” I also called them after they missed the last appointment and left a message that I would be here at 1:30 on every day except Feb. 18, the day on which I do have a doctor’s appointment for panic anxiety disorder which is an old disorder, but has become somewhat worse in the last three weeks. That possibly could be attributed in part to TVS and there non responsive service. Also, as of the time of this printing I am responsible for another month’s service of my old, but reliable, service from SouthEast Telephone of Pikeville. Stress that point about “reliable”.

There is already an existing cable drop from the hillside pole position across the road to the pole in my yard. To finish the hook up into the house would take about 30 minutes since the cable is already been run from the upstairs contact point to the downstairs computer. There is only about a 50-foot section that needs to be reattached from the pole to the house. Maybe next week I will replace the missing 50 feet with my own cable and labor so that I can help out even more with my friends at TVS.

This may be helping TVS since I now have people calling me to ask about the cable modem I have and where I bought it. I would assume they have plans to hook up to TVS, but probably won’t have the same nice attitude I have about the length of time it takes to actually get it. Update again next week.

Growing old in Jeremiah.


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