Whitesburg KY

Stines seeks ambulance owner

The Letcher County Sheriff ’s Department is looking for the owner of a Georgia ambulance found parked on the Whitesburg bypass Monday night.

Sheriff Mickey Stines said the vehicle had no license plate, and had the markings of SouthStar Emergency Medical Services, an Augusta, Georgia, ambulance service. Stines said the company said it was not missing any ambulances and no longer uses the type found in Whitesburg.

Stines said police did a cursory search of the ambulance to make sure there was nothing that might be reported stolen, but had not done an in-depth search. The vehicle was towed, but Stines said his department doesn’t “technically” have the vehicle impounded.

“We just request that the owner of the vehicle bring us the appropriate paperwork,” Stines said.

A person posted on the department’s Facebook page saying the vehicle was his girlfriend’s new camper that was just purchased and was left by the road when the dolly used to tow it broke. Some local emergency medical services employees, however, said they have seen the ambulance multiple times around the county in recent weeks.

Stines said the person who made the post has not contacted the sheriff’s department directly.

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