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Stocks should await thieves

I thoroughly enjoyed the article by Steve Brewer in the Oct. 24 issue of The Mountain Eagle. It seems as though he likes a thief about as good as I do.

But I don’t think I would go to the extremes which he suggested, though. I am not hardhearted, I just don’t like thieves. In fact, I don’t like lawbreakers, period.

Our laws are meant to be obeyed and not violated. For a common thief, a first offender, I would suggest perhaps a public flogging of 25 lashes by a courtappointed individual.

A second offender would be put in stocks, you know, where a yoke would be placed around the neck and wrists so as to make them immobile, but where the public could see them, depending on the severity of the crime.

I am not talking about suspects, I am referring to convicts. Those guilty of using or selling drugs, the plague that is destroying our society, should be dealt with harshly. I realize what I have suggested will not cure the plague, but it would certainly give the guilty parties something to think about.

I, too, can remember when a person could leave their home or anything else they owned unattended. In fact, we built our first house over 40 years ago, and when we moved into it we didn’t even have doors or windows in it so we just hung sheets over the openings and we walked through the walls because we didn’t have any paneling on them.

I can just imagine what would happen today if we left anything unprotected for even a short time. Our society has gone to the dogs — with the mange, at that.

And that is all from the funny farm till next time.

Contributing writer Relon Hampton lives at Premium.

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