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Stolen golf balls could fill two bathtubs, say Jenkins police

Jenkins City Police found “enough golf balls to fill up a couple of bathtubs” when they arrested a Virginia man and charged him with stealing about $17,000 worth of golfing equipment, clothing and accessories over a two-year period from the Raven Rock Golf Course Pro Shop.

Allen Lorde, of 154 Old Stone Drive, Clintwood, Va., managed to steal the merchandise a little bit at a time while volunteering at the Jenkins golf shop from February 1, 2012 through April 21, 2014, said Jenkins Police Chief Jim Stephens.

In April, the pro shop manager noticed that the inventory had gotten low and surveillance footage was reviewed.

Stephens said a “golf shrine” was found near Lorde’s Virginia residence.

“He built a building out back and turned it into a fantasy pro shop,” said Stephens.

Lorde hadn’t sold any of the merchandise, all of which was recovered, Stephens said. Inside Lorde’s building were golf tees, clothing, clubs, shoes, hats and gloves.

Stephens said stolen merchandise included “anything golf-related other than the cart.”

“There were enough golf balls to fill up a couple of bathtubs,” said Stephens, who testified before the Letcher County Grand Jury.

Lorde has been indicted on a charge of theft by unlawful taking ($10,000 or more).

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