Whitesburg KY
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Stomach bug going around


We have had a busy week at the center. We finished a couple of quilts and got in lots of visiting.

There are so many people sick, some with very serious illnesses such as cancer and kidney ailments. There also seems to be a stomach bug going around. It seems to treat you pretty mean. So far I have been able to miss it, but others are not so lucky.

Wednesday we went to Jenkins Day. They were just setting up and getting the rides ready. Afterward we went to the Vendor’s Mall, and then to Long John Sliver’s for lunch. It was very good.

Actually, I wrote this at Long John’s, so if it smells fishy you will know why. Next we went to Walmart.

There’s a law that you can’t enter Whitesburg without going to Walmart. I haven’t ever found out what the penalty is, but I am sure it would be severe.

They had a prayer circle for Melanie Blair. There were enough people there that they held hands all the way around the house. What a great way to show you love for a sister in the Lord.

My sister-in-law, Mavie Fields, had surgery last week. We will have to wait for the follow-up plans.

To Matthew Eldridge: Hi from Ju Ju! We are trying to keep her straight, but it’s a big job.

I’d better get off to the newspaper with this. Keep smiling — we old people love you.

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