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Stonics welcome baby girl


I’m so sorry for a mistake that was in my column last week. Roger Campbell of Indianapolis died and was brought back here to be buried at Blackey. He was married to Oma Joe Dixon Campbell. She is the sister of Martha Burns of Blackey. Roger was the brother of the late Lane and Arnold Campbell.

Happy birthday to Kyle Vice of Blackey. It was on Sept. 1.

My sympathy to the family of Josephine Holcomb of Isom. She died on Sept. 1. She was 79.

Happy birthday to Lance Whitaker of Carcassonne. It was on August 29.

Congratulations to Katy and Damon Stonic of Letcher on the birth of their baby girl. Addison Paige Stonic was born on Sept. 1. She weighed 6 pounds, 10 ounces and was 19 inches long. She is the grandbaby of Janet Stonic of Letcher and the late Buford Stonic, and Barry and Jonnie Wright of Mallie. She has a very proud aunt, Heather Wright. Addison has a brother, Ashton, who is 5. Happy birthday to Heather. It’s on Sept. 12.

Happy birthday to Mae Fugate and her daughter Loretta Henrikson of Carcassonne. Mae’s is on Sept. 6 and Loretta’s is on the 7th.

Kaytlin Morgan of Carcassonne fell at school last week and broke her wrist. She had to have a cast put on the next day. She is the daughter of Dandy Walters and Stanley Morgan. Her grandparents are Virgil and Freda Combs of Carcassonne.

Happy birthday to Ron Brunty of Letcher. It was on Sept. 4.

Mark Kincaid is still in a hospital in Tennessee and had some more surgery last week. It caused a problem with his heart that they were worried about, but as of Saturday he was doing some better. The family appreciates all your prayers.

Tara Couch of Linefork got to come home from the hospital and is doing fine. Happy 29th wedding anniversary on Sept. 6 to her Tara’s parents, Roger and Dena Couch.

Emory Caudill of Carcassonne had to be taken to the hospital on Saturday. They said he was having some problems with his heart. I hope he gets better and comes home soon.

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