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Stoops, Richt share some similarities

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University of Kentucky Head Football Coach Mark Stoops is dedicated enough, Mark Richt at Georgia is, too.

In common their teams are coming off old-fashioned beansand cornbread style whippings last Saturday.

A writer in Georgia said Richt’s team is a “have-it-all program in college football that never seems to amount to the greatness it should. Great recruits: Check. Great fan base: Check. Great facilities: Check.”

The same could apply at Kentucky.

Stoops and Richt contrasts this week?

• The radio call-in crowd at Georgia wants Richt fired yesterday!

• Callers in Kentucky want to know what time the basketball game starts.

On Saturday at noon, Kentucky (4-4) plays at Georgia (5-3).

Happy Campus

Since college football season is entertainment, except in the south where it’s Gettysburg, Antietam and Bull Run combined, I wondered as we hit the get-bowleligible stretch, on what campus is football being enjoyed most?

Guess here: Iowa (8-0), Memphis (8-0), Ohio State (8-0), Notre Dame (7-1), and Temple (7-1). Receiving votes: Oklahoma State and Houston are 8-0, and Toledo 7-0.

Most entertaining locally, no contest: Western Kentucky. The 7-2 Hilltoppers celebrate homecoming this week against Florida Atlantic (2-6).

Worth Repeating

Proving he is the low-life scallywag some of us thought when he played at Michigan, ESPN contributor

Jalen Rose weighed in on the University of Louisville’s sex scandal via his podcast the other day. “What you see at a bachelor or bachelorette party is what happens on a recruiting visit. And, as a 17-year-old kid, first off, if I’m not getting laid, I’m not coming. I’m not signing. I’m not coming,”

And this …

At its basketball introductory scrimmage, the University of Michigan included a nod to the 1990s Fab Five featuring Chris Webber and Rose. Wolverine fans took to Facebook to protest.

• “Webber and Rose were nothing but thugs,” said one.

• “These five are a disgrace to Michigan basketball and caused a decade of no tournament play. Every win is questionable. Anyone who throws a game for money should get no second chance.”

John Pelphrey

One of the most popular Kentucky players ever, John Pelphrey, did color analysis for the bluewhite scrimmage last week and did it well. Reflecting his timeand place travels since those heady days back home (Mr. Basketball 1987) and his “Unforgettables” days in Lexington, Pelphrey-speak these days is notably polished and mid-American, moving one eastern Kentucky fan to say, “Pel sure don’t talk like a mountain boy from Paintsville no more, does he?”

And so it goes.

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