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Stories from the mountains

The Mountain Association for Community Economic Development ( MACED) in Berea has launched in new website as part of celebrating its 40th anniversary. The site will be a place to collect, preserve and share positive stories about work that has been done by people, organizations and communities around the region.

MACED President Peter Hille said, “Appalachia is a region ripe with stories. Stories of the people who shape our unique culture. Stories of the places we call home. Stories from the past that shaped who we are today. And stories of the projects that have built and revitalized our communities.

“Too often, the stories told about this region focus on problems and negative images. We are taking this opportunity to share stories that light up the path to a brighter future,” Hille said.

The public is invited to submit suggestions for stories to add to the site. Visit www.StoriesFromThe-Mountains.org to view the stories.

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